the act of a girl kissing/making out with another girl.
"Hey Sarah, why don't you go Katy Perry that girl?"
#katy #perry #kiss #girl #katie
by cupcakekdick August 07, 2009
The act of flashing and then thrusting your genitals in front of someone.
'Im off to the mall to Katy Perry some people'

'Fuck it!, I just got Katy Perried in the changing rooms'
#katie perry #katy perried #kattie perry #katie pery #katyperry
by Suchasaint March 20, 2010
Katy Perry: Well known z list pre-op transexual who has a fondness for kissing girls. Her 'Cherry Chapstick' is a reference to her withered little tranny dick, not Russell Brand.
Stephen Tyler: 'That dude looks like a lady, oh hold on its Katy Perry!'

Frankie Valli: 'Walk like a man talk like a man, walk like Katy Perry my son'
#pre-op #transexual #kissing #cherry #russell brand
by Ke$has Minge June 17, 2010
An american singer-songwriter with a really crappy first single (I Kissed a Girl) but with other bigger and better songs from her debut album. (such as Hot n Cold, Thinking of You, etc.) Though people might think she's a one-hit wonder, I personally think she could make it big in the music industry if she just jazzes up her music style a bit. Is currently dating Gym Class Heroes member Travis Mccoy. Also has the tendency to invoke girls to have girl crushes on her.
Girl: OMG! Katy Perry's so hot!
Me: erm, wheren't you straight the last time? O.o
#i kissed a girl #katy perry #travis mccoy #gym class heroes #hot n cold
by tear_here November 05, 2008
1. Katy Perry is an American singer-songwriter from Santa Monica, California. She is most notable for her singles, "UR So Gay", released in 2007, and the song, "I Kissed a Girl", which was released in 2008, by Capitol Records

2. To tell a person off via a song insinuating their sexual preference
"Ur So gay" was Katy Perry's way of getting back at an old flame.
#gay #katy #perry #californa #american
by ---------Angela June 12, 2008
Lesbian dike pop singer who is involved in the movement of teenage girls going lesbian in order to make everyone as screwed up as her.
Katy Perry kissed a girl, and she liked it. Why would she want to sing it to the entire world? That's nothing to be happy about!
#popstar #hot n cold #katie perry #prep #lesbian #dike
by hekifier is the greatest May 08, 2009
to "Katy Perry" something was brought upon by an individual that left 8 hours early for a Katy Perry concert and didn't return for two days afterward. Spread throughout the North East, people will pull a Katy Perry when they are have to ditch early and plan on not showing up the next day.
Dude, I will totally be Katy Perrying it after the St Patrick's Day Bruins game.
He pulled a Katy Perry after that show.
We are going to Katy Perry it around 4, I think.
#katy perry #katy perrying #ditch #m.i.a. #no show
by bbfan123 October 31, 2013
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