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A sometimes moody, but fricken kick ass chick to hang with. She's a very cool, straight chick who likes to read and has huge boobs. She doesn't take any shit from anyone. She may tend to be weird, and quite a music freak, but no one has a shit load of fun like this girl. Kati hates bitches, hoes, and skanks, so be careful because she pretty much can kick butt.
by Kejoyo February 11, 2010
a totally cool, down to earth person, who can definitely be trusted. you will usually find her through her crowds of friends laughing and having an enjoyable time, but avonna can have her moments, so don't make her cause a scene. SHE IS SO COOL THAT SHE'S ICE COLD YA DIGG
everybody that's a everybody needs to be Avonna's friend!
by Kejoyo February 11, 2010

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