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has a reputation of getting fingered on a bus.
amber: hey whats doin ?

kate: hold on, just getting fingered on the bus.

amber: ohkay, im just about to have sex with jack anyway.
by iliketoeatfoodlolzz June 06, 2011
7 25
A girl who likes playing with her ninnys
Me: Hey Kate can you come over?

Kate: No sorry, too busy playing with my ninnys
by whaaattt August 28, 2011
6 25
usually an awkward person who doesn't like to be around people.
wow, that girl is really acting like a kate.
by iwantcaptaincrunch July 06, 2011
10 33
Annoying little brat that always gets what she wants because her parents wont bust her ass.
Did you see that little bitch throwing a fit in the mall today?

Ya she was a total Kate.
by 3fan November 19, 2011
8 32
you see her every where you go, but she is just like everyone else, she knows this.. so sometimes she fakes being unusual; because, shes just that boring!
kate. is. boring.
by sillyhead5356647 May 14, 2011
8 47
1). Name means "Pure" and certainly shows as Kate usually refrains from "inappropriate" talking.

2). An annoying person that thinks everybody likes her but nobody really does. She likes to flaunt what she certainly does not have. She's always looking for ways to make her self included or ways to make her look cool. (but it will never work)
G: Dude that girl in Art is so annoying she thinks i'm into her but she is disgusting.

K: O you mean she's a Kate? Yes she is and how convenient that's actually her name!
by jb69f August 01, 2011
2 47
A back stabbing bitch that only wants to be popular. She doesn't really care about you she just pretends to like you so EVERYONE will think she is nice and amazing. Then when everyones back is turned she will call you out and bitch directly to you and bully you.
Girl 1- Omg have you met Kate I love her soo much shes so sweet!

Girl 2- Watch out...that girls a Kate..don't get too close to her or you'll be sorry.
by ilikecupcakes123 March 29, 2011
19 75