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Beautiful, smart and pure. Loves kids and are great mothers!
I want a mom like Kate!
by Sickly90 February 05, 2010
59 110
A name for a girl who is one of the kindest, weirdest people you may ever meet. She may not always know what you are going through, but she will always try to help. She is laid-back in a hyper way. Smart with school, although it might take a while for her to get a joke. Kate is extremely loving and fully devoted to her significant other. If she does not have a significant other, it is probably because she is hiding her feelings. Kate is beautiful in a quiet way. She has amazing hair, beautiful eyes, and a sexy figure. Kate also has her insecurities, which keep her from fully knowing how beautiful she is. She has a bubbly personality that can befriend and enchant anyone. If you know her enough, you will know that she keeps everyone at a close distance. She lets people close, but not too close, you have to work to get closer. She is the most trustworthy person you will ever know. A great friend, a great lover, a great person. You can't help but lover her. If you have her, hold on to her.
Scott: I love Kate.
Jenifer: You have to work for it. You know she's not going to just let you in.
by Understandment December 19, 2013
13 65
deserves to DIE
why doesn that Kate bitch just DIE already?
by ihatehoeslikekate July 24, 2010
107 164
A variation on the names "Kate," "Katy," and "Katie."

A name that describes the coolest girl you will ever meet.
Boy: Hey Kates, you're really awesome.
Kates: Yeah, I know.
by KaelleB February 24, 2009
26 83
Kate is fierce but a sweetheart. She is a fighter that won't ever give up. When you first meet her she is quite shy and quiet but once you get to know her, she's a party animal! Kate is one of the rarest loyal friends you will ever come across; she's a keeper. Kate is also incredibly wise, mostly because she has been through a lot in her life. But that does not stop her! Kate is a amazing girlfriend. Everything a guy truly wants. she loves her guy like you wouldn't believe. Kate is one of the world's most finest mother; she protects her children with her life and loves them with every inch of her heart. So basically if you ever come across a Kate; You wont be able to forget her that easily.
Kate is a keeper, i don't know what i would do without her.
by heythatsme April 24, 2013
7 67
The most wonderful, funniest, prettiest, amazing girl ever. Kate is beautiful on the inside and outside and always will stick by you. She is very talented and loves being active. She is a unicorn. you can always find her talking or laughing. She likes guys named Cooper. Any guy would be grateful to date Kate.
Kate: Woo! Lets go ride unicorns!
Andrea: Okay!
*Flies off to another dimension*

Kate + Cooper
by Katesbestfriend September 14, 2011
20 80
Kate is just simply put one of the most amazing people in this world. She is breath-takingly beautiful, sweet, compassionate, Clever, and quite spontaneous.

She is Dutch, but while she is quite beautiful she really is something more. She may bottle up her emotions sometimes, and close her self off, but she is the reason I think they say

"a picture is worth a thousand words" because if I took a photo of her, it would probably be worth a million.
'Utterly beautiful' (he thought as she walked into the room) and smiled upon him.

(Person 1) " Kate is just simple put, one of the most amazing girls I know, I really wished one day I would have the chance to go out on a date with her..."
by afriendfromcrozet May 05, 2011
24 84