Often found sculking around in the back of photographs grinning like a creepy maniac! Although often reffered to as Sgt Major Squigy she can reply to most things. The Kate has a remarkable talent for leaving water bottles on the nearest possible radiator and leaving them to warm up for later! The Kate often hides away under large rocks and only comes out between the hours of 7am and 8:30 am. A short period of time during which she will attempt to find as many photographers to photo bomb. From her home/nest she observes people going to buy their food/ sustinance and then creeply walking back into the shadows from whence she came.
Sophie: Who's in the back of that photograph
Sarah: It's... its... Its a KATE!
Sophie: Ahhhhh!
Sarah: Ahhhhh!
by CrayCrayfish August 30, 2013
A beautiful girl who has long straight strawberry blonde hair and occasionally gets the I love your hair, did you dye it? She is very sweet and casual and classy. She always has many friends but she keeps her close friends close and stays away from drama
I wish I was a Kate

Just do what Kate did
by Kitkat18 March 27, 2014
Your typical white girl.
Loves starbucks and scarves.
Constantly Instagramming nothing.

Is essentially a breadstick.
Waitress: Can i get you guys some drinks?
Kate: I'll just have some breadsticks, I only came here to take an Instagram picture
by mynameisfrank11 September 30, 2013
Kate the Great, Future Dictator of a Small Third World Country
Guy 1: Kate the great is such a dictator
Guy 2: I know, almost as bad as Kim Jong Il
by qtkr1993 November 09, 2013
Kate is a dirty blonde haired girl that isn't so good at spelling but is a great girl. She can always solve your problems but isn't always the most wild and doesn't lke to get out much. She doesn't like to be random but says if we heard what was in her head we would think she was crazy, once we DID hear what was in her head and it was all just rhyming words to what we had just said. She may not be very wild but isn't afraid to join in after someone else has! Not fat but not skinny, in the middle and friends with people that you would not beleive, the friends she has are the total opposites of her, I'm not sure what clicked. Never blurts out secrets but always listens to her parents, doesn't have much to deal with but her evil brother
Girl 1: Man! Yesterday was sweet!
Girl 2: Why? no problems?
Girl 3: No, the only thing she had bothering her was her brother! She is such a Kate!

-Pepper from cheeserocks12.weebly.com
by cheeserocks12.weebly.com girl April 19, 2011
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