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This girl is a one of a kind and you will never want to let go, she will be insecure sometimes but you will just have to keep telling her everyday how unbelievable and beautiful she is. She will make you go crazy and get stuck in your head and have you lost for words but get used to it because she is beautiful, amazing, kind, funny, outgoing, great smile, amazing body, cutest little expressions, makes you fall in love the second you look at her, the greatest girl you will ever know. she looks just as good in the morning as any other time which will make you want to kiss and hold her as tight as you can. she will always put you before her always. Kate will make you want to give her the world anyway you can. Kate is more special and beautiful than she will ever realize but over time she will come to understand how incredible she is and how lucky you are/feel being with her so when you find her do everything to make her day even if it helps just a little because trust me you don't want to lose her.
Kate is the most amazing girl you will ever meet!
by samkate1 January 27, 2013

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