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An extremely seductive girl with the craziest, sexy green eyes you will ever see. Her naturally wavy hair is full of mysteries. Her personality has an aura. You find yourself thinking about her when you don't even want to. Her smile is infectious and the more you talk to her, the more you grow fond of her.
"This Kate is going to be the death of me."
"If you can't stand the Kate, get out of the bedroom."
by rockinsouthpaw April 07, 2010
112 108
A back stabbing bitch that only wants to be popular. She doesn't really care about you she just pretends to like you so EVERYONE will think she is nice and amazing. Then when everyones back is turned she will call you out and bitch directly to you and bully you.
Girl 1- Omg have you met Kate I love her soo much shes so sweet!

Girl 2- Watch out...that girls a Kate..don't get too close to her or you'll be sorry.
by ilikecupcakes123 March 29, 2011
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Kate is a girls name meaning the most amazing person you will ever meet. Kate's are often small, but have an awesome personality. Having a friend called Kate is the best thing ever, as they will be loyal and good listeners to all of your problems. Generally Kate's have fantastic fashion taste that is not what is presumed 'cool' by chavs. Kate's are clever and sassy at the same time. However, if you know a Kate, you are very lucky as she in return will go to you for help if she deems you a good enough friend. Kate's are often very random and can keep you in a good mood by just saying something weird and witty (often sexual)
Ex. 1
Person 1. "Hey, isn't that girl really clever and sassy at the same time?"

Person 2. "Oh, Yeah! She sure is a Kate!"

Ex. 2

Brenda. "Kate, I need some advice!"

Kate. "Sure, ask away!"

Brenda. "I can't get a boyfriend, will you help me?"

Kate. "Sure Brenda! Get a new name!"

Brenda. "WOW! Thanks Kate!"
by MYNAMEISKENNETH June 02, 2010
96 104
The epitome of an idiot. This girl decided to organise her Birthday over a Facebook Event, and stupidly forgot to privatise the event. Within a week, over 60,000 guests from around the world had confirmed they were attending Kate's birthday party at her small apartment on North Street, Adelaide, Australia.

It was only after she saw the attending list that she removed her contact details from the page. She'd be stupid enough not to go on Witness Protection Program after that event.

There are over 100 groups, Pages and Events mocking her stupidity. As of 26th April, 2010, Facebook automatically filtered all new groups with the word 'Kate' in them as being inappropriate.

She has also inspired the on-coming novel "Privatising Facebook Parties For Dummies"
Guy: Hey, are you going to Kate's?
Girl: Yeah, I'm going with a couple of mates on a road-trip
Guy: She's gonna have to make a lot of sandwiches!
Girl: I'll say!
by AmbrosialDecadence April 26, 2010
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A Kate is a mentally unstable girl who thinks she's going out with someone when she's clearly not. She is a bitchy backstabber who can't spell. Never trust a Kate. Kates are crazy scabs.
Kate: I think I'm going out with Max
Jenny: But you only met 2 days ago?
Kate: Yeah but I'm not sure it's official. We spent the whole day together.
Jenny: Did he even ask you out? He told Steph you're the worst kiss he ever had and he hates you cos you wear grim clothes. I mean who wears kitten heals now days Kate? You only spent an hour together and he didn't ask you out. You're crazy. I can't trust you. No one can.
Kate: God kitten heals are nice.
Jenny: Stop being such a Kate
by bantgirl January 15, 2011
82 102
A skank who cant be true to anyone. Usually found in the backseat of a car sucking a dude off.
Dude.. I just found Kate in AJs car
by HighFiveForMovies November 24, 2010
75 94
The good girls who love to teach and spend more time with kids than people their own age. Everyone loves Kates because they make the best moms!
Your mom Kate is the nicest woman ever.
by rick72 February 05, 2010
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