The most amazing girl ever. You will never regret having such a perfect and beautiful girl like her<3
I'm so lucky for having a Kate in my life.
by Cwiss February 17, 2010
Kate is genuinely kindhearted as well as unmistakably gorgeous. She is the kind of girl you want to be friends with. She is the kind of best friend you would want who is always loyal as can be and remains true. From her contagious laughter to her quirky jokes, she's your all around perfect girl. The whole world cant help but stop in stare at her when she lights up a room. She isn't one for relationships, but you will instantly love her. Her charm will win you over if her smile doesn't already. She's a guy's dream come true. Her positvity, fun, and loving behavior will knock you dead. Everyone wants to be her.
I couldn't help but notice Kate when she walked in the room.
by k8l8 February 27, 2015
Kate is the most sexiest, beautiful, cutest girl you will ever meet. She has a great personality and anyone who is going out with this person you are a lucky fuck. She can turn you on in an instant, and you will love her forever. Goes really well with a Matt.
Example 1:
Chris: Hey look it's a really hot, beautiful girl!
Adil: You mean Kate?

Example 2:
Matt: I love you KatE.
Kate: I love you too MaTT.
by Mattalin4Katealin August 20, 2009
Kate (in real life):Someone who will either drive you insane or make you happy. Kate is probably a figment of my own imagination, but sometimes that seems too good to be true. She normally tries to talk to you and her friends, but is often ignored, and you pity her, and you decide to talk with her. The upside of this is that she is a reliable person and a (I can't believe I'm saying this) good friend. She's good at art, but the streets are calling her name in the future. I try to compete with her drawings but fail. We're kinda linked some way somehow, and that's very cool yet very creepy.

Kate (through texting): Kate seems to alter between a sweet person and a total whore. Kate is less annoying to deal with and more sincere through her messages. She likes to screw around and spam and what not, and that's really annoying. When she's not spamming me, she's informing me about Ed Sheeran stuff, laughing at me, or taking selfies.
Friend: Look at Kate over there, cumming it up with her crush.
Me: Well, that's just Kate, being Kate. She's doing that all the time.
by kai5 May 10, 2015
a girl that is always wrong and always loses in poke wars and is secretly a catherine as much as she denies it
i hear she is a kate, dont want her on my team
by michael sheehan July 24, 2012
A annoying piece of shit that no one likes and allows any one to eat her ass
by Kate is a thot May 19, 2015
The epitome of an idiot. This girl decided to organise her Birthday over a Facebook Event, and stupidly forgot to privatise the event. Within a week, over 60,000 guests from around the world had confirmed they were attending Kate's birthday party at her small apartment on North Street, Adelaide, Australia.

It was only after she saw the attending list that she removed her contact details from the page. She'd be stupid enough not to go on Witness Protection Program after that event.

There are over 100 groups, Pages and Events mocking her stupidity. As of 26th April, 2010, Facebook automatically filtered all new groups with the word 'Kate' in them as being inappropriate.

She has also inspired the on-coming novel "Privatising Facebook Parties For Dummies"
Guy: Hey, are you going to Kate's?
Girl: Yeah, I'm going with a couple of mates on a road-trip
Guy: She's gonna have to make a lot of sandwiches!
Girl: I'll say!
by AmbrosialDecadence April 26, 2010

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