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The good girls who love to teach and spend more time with kids than people their own age. Everyone loves Kates because they make the best moms!
Your mom Kate is the nicest woman ever.
by rick72 February 05, 2010
A person named Kate is:
-always hungry
by georgia.lol August 12, 2011
A total babe
Man that chicks a 'Kate'
by princessk8101 July 10, 2011
A brummie stunner with a thirst for life, fashion and most of all....men.
Has the sexiest, some have said..'come to bed eyes' and the nicest nipples possible.
Never a dull moment if spent time with a 'kate', always up for a laugh and drinking as much as physically possible.

You know you're a Kate if...

a) You see yourself as poor, but have just spent yet another £100 on clothes/make-up/booze/someone else.
b) You're always looking good and ahead of the fashions.
c) Love a bit of mayonnaise...with everything.
d) Could knock a 6ft 20stone man to the ground in one smooth punch.
e)Spends a lot of time rescueing a 'Gemma' from getting beat up.
f) You're hilarious
g) Likes a good spanking.
"Omg I had the best Kate last night.."
"Yea he gave me a right good Kate!"

"I love her like Kate."
"Wow that's a lot of love."
by cherylcole20 May 05, 2009
This girl is a one of a kind and you will never want to let go, she will be insecure sometimes but you will just have to keep telling her everyday how unbelievable and beautiful she is. She will make you go crazy and get stuck in your head and have you lost for words but get used to it because she is beautiful, amazing, kind, funny, outgoing, great smile, amazing body, cutest little expressions, makes you fall in love the second you look at her, the greatest girl you will ever know. she looks just as good in the morning as any other time which will make you want to kiss and hold her as tight as you can. she will always put you before her always. Kate will make you want to give her the world anyway you can. Kate is more special and beautiful than she will ever realize but over time she will come to understand how incredible she is and how lucky you are/feel being with her so when you find her do everything to make her day even if it helps just a little because trust me you don't want to lose her.
Kate is the most amazing girl you will ever meet!
by samkate1 January 27, 2013
Beautiful, smart and pure. Loves kids and are great mothers!
I want a mom like Kate!
by Sickly90 February 05, 2010
A name for a girl who is one of the kindest, weirdest people you may ever meet. She may not always know what you are going through, but she will always try to help. She is laid-back in a hyper way. Smart with school, although it might take a while for her to get a joke. Kate is extremely loving and fully devoted to her significant other. If she does not have a significant other, it is probably because she is hiding her feelings. Kate is beautiful in a quiet way. She has amazing hair, beautiful eyes, and a sexy figure. Kate also has her insecurities, which keep her from fully knowing how beautiful she is. She has a bubbly personality that can befriend and enchant anyone. If you know her enough, you will know that she keeps everyone at a close distance. She lets people close, but not too close, you have to work to get closer. She is the most trustworthy person you will ever know. A great friend, a great lover, a great person. You can't help but lover her. If you have her, hold on to her.
Scott: I love Kate.
Jenifer: You have to work for it. You know she's not going to just let you in.
by Understandment December 19, 2013