the greatest friend you will ever meet. she's the funniest person ever and will make you laugh just by her facial expressions. everyone loves her and loves being around her. she's easy to talk to and will stick with you when you're lonely. she'll help you. she only tells her best friend what she thinks of people. she's so pretty and beautiful. and a great singer.
*kate walks in room and says on word*
everyone: HAHAHHAHHAA.
by bestest friend everrrrrr August 17, 2012
A name for a girl who is one of the kindest, weirdest people you may ever meet. She may not always know what you are going through, but she will always try to help. She is laid-back in a hyper way. Smart with school, although it might take a while for her to get a joke. Kate is extremely loving and fully devoted to her significant other. If she does not have a significant other, it is probably because she is hiding her feelings. Kate is beautiful in a quiet way. She has amazing hair, beautiful eyes, and a sexy figure. Kate also has her insecurities, which keep her from fully knowing how beautiful she is. She has a bubbly personality that can befriend and enchant anyone. If you know her enough, you will know that she keeps everyone at a close distance. She lets people close, but not too close, you have to work to get closer. She is the most trustworthy person you will ever know. A great friend, a great lover, a great person. You can't help but lover her. If you have her, hold on to her.
Scott: I love Kate.
Jenifer: You have to work for it. You know she's not going to just let you in.
by Understandment December 19, 2013
The epitome of an idiot. This girl decided to organise her Birthday over a Facebook Event, and stupidly forgot to privatise the event. Within a week, over 60,000 guests from around the world had confirmed they were attending Kate's birthday party at her small apartment on North Street, Adelaide, Australia.

It was only after she saw the attending list that she removed her contact details from the page. She'd be stupid enough not to go on Witness Protection Program after that event.

There are over 100 groups, Pages and Events mocking her stupidity. As of 26th April, 2010, Facebook automatically filtered all new groups with the word 'Kate' in them as being inappropriate.

She has also inspired the on-coming novel "Privatising Facebook Parties For Dummies"
Guy: Hey, are you going to Kate's?
Girl: Yeah, I'm going with a couple of mates on a road-trip
Guy: She's gonna have to make a lot of sandwiches!
Girl: I'll say!
by AmbrosialDecadence April 26, 2010
A beautiful girl who doesn't think she's pretty. Tell her she's beautiful and you love her and you'll win her heart.

Kate loves nature and adventure. She is an extremely athletic person and often enjoys swimming and biking. She is energetic, playful, intelligent, generous, and compassionate. She is scared of some things but that gives you an excuse to comfort her. She is fiercely loyal and driven. She has many talents, and she can make a mean chocolate cake.

Kate is the ideal girlfriend. Fall in love with Kate and your life will be perfect.
"Bro I want to ask Kate out."

"Dude she would be the best girlfriend you're so lucky"
by theanonymouscaterpillar January 01, 2012
This girl is a one of a kind and you will never want to let go, she will be insecure sometimes but you will just have to keep telling her everyday how unbelievable and beautiful she is. She will make you go crazy and get stuck in your head and have you lost for words but get used to it because she is beautiful, amazing, kind, funny, outgoing, great smile, amazing body, cutest little expressions, makes you fall in love the second you look at her, the greatest girl you will ever know. she looks just as good in the morning as any other time which will make you want to kiss and hold her as tight as you can. she will always put you before her always. Kate will make you want to give her the world anyway you can. Kate is more special and beautiful than she will ever realize but over time she will come to understand how incredible she is and how lucky you are/feel being with her so when you find her do everything to make her day even if it helps just a little because trust me you don't want to lose her.
Kate is the most amazing girl you will ever meet!
by samkate1 January 27, 2013
A back stabbing bitch that only wants to be popular. She doesn't really care about you she just pretends to like you so EVERYONE will think she is nice and amazing. Then when everyones back is turned she will call you out and bitch directly to you and bully you.
Girl 1- Omg have you met Kate I love her soo much shes so sweet!

Girl 2- Watch out...that girls a Kate..don't get too close to her or you'll be sorry.
by ilikecupcakes123 March 29, 2011
A total babe
Man that chicks a 'Kate'
by princessk8101 July 10, 2011

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