the most amazing, smart, kind and generous person you will ever meet in your whole life, who you know will always be an amazing friend to have
did I tell you I think I met my kate last night and have never been happier
by BigAlXan May 10, 2008
Kate is unique. She is not like your average girl. She is genuine in everything she does. Her loyalty is phenomenal and you never have to doubt her. Kate's kindness inspires others to do good things. Kate is not weak though. She is a strong independent girl who can get herself through anything she sets her mind to. She is hilarious! Sometimes she has a dry sense of humor, and other times she just knows to how make people laugh :). She tends to be random at times...really random. But she knows when to be serious. Kate has been told by many that her advice changes the way they look at life. Kate has a very bubbly personality that makes anyone comfortable talking with her. She also has beauty. A nice figure with luscious hair and sparkling eyes. When she smiles, it lights up a whole room. Her intelligence is also above average. She is able to learn quickly and apply. Kate has many good personality traits, but she is not self-conceited. As a matter of fact, she has some downers too. Sometimes Kate can be a little too sarcastic. That can offend some people, but she apologizes. She also has a tendency to procrastinate from time to time. But she still manages to get everything done.

And of course, the one word that is the legit definition of Kate. Pure
Emma: psh Kate thinks she's soo cool, I'm surprised she has any friends.
Angela: Hey! Kate is a wonderful person. Stop being jealous.
by procrastinator101 November 30, 2011
the girl who is sex.
I just had the best Kate .
by kifdsajsudj January 09, 2008
Kate is a wonderful person who cant ever be replaced. She's understanding, a great listener and always fun to be around. No matter what she's got your back unless you didn't have hers then YOU SUCK!!!! I LOVE HER!!
Person 1: who's kate?
Person 2: KATE!! You dont know who kate is, she's only the most awesome girl in the world where i spend my tuesday nights with dancing around and just goofying off. DUH!!
Person 1: oh her..yeah i love her too!
by RUNNINGdork January 23, 2009
1. One syllable of pure ecstacy. In ancient times, uttering 'Kate' would often cause massive public orgies.
2. Used to compliment someone on their ridiculous good-looks.
3. Indicative of high fashion sense.
"Johnson, do you see that tall, sensuous woman over there?"
"Hmmyes yes she's a 'Kate'"

by Johnson Squared March 21, 2009
One of the best friends you will ever meet. Kate is hilarious. She is completely random and will say whatever is on her mind whenever she wants. She doesn't care what you have to say about her, she'll just brush it away and go on with her life. She will always listen to what you have to say and always help you out no matter what is going on. Even if she hasn't gone through what you're experiencing, she will still give her best advice. Kate is by far the best girl you can ever become friends with.
Ian: Kate me and my girlfriend got into a fight...

Kate: Erm.. What happened to start it?

(The conversation continues on....)

Ian: Thanks Kate. I'll try and fix things with her :)

Kate: NP! 8)
by The Original Ian September 22, 2009
Kate is a hot, sexy, attractive and loving person. She would be a good girlfriend. A Kate and Cody should go out.
Dave: Hey look at that hot Kate.
Cristine: And look at that cody.
Geraldine: They should go out
by Kate gose August 17, 2008

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