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The Godess of beauty and and absolute Honesty
Though She is Beautiful and caring She is sometimes misunderstood for cruel because she is bluntly honest.
Kata is a symbol to all people of perfection because of her amazing and entracing presence. Most men fall madly in love with obsession towards her and either hate themselves for loving her so,Or Give up because she is cmpletly out of ther leuges.
Kata is a flirt and tends to lead on men and dissapoints them with ni feeling for them. She is Gorgeouse, a party animal and is extrodanaroly attracted to men with confidence and Hotness
She creates The world into a better place and is the ligh of day and darkness in night
Josh: I wish there was girl like Kata
Simon: To have a Girl like Kata would be impossible because no body is as flawless cute and mysteriouse as Kata
by wumbology November 08, 2010
A series of prearranged hand to hand combat movements, used to train the body to react to certain combat situations.
If someone has a gun pointed at you, start doing Kumite three.
by Delthryn April 04, 2005

Also Member of Richmond, CA rap group Fendi Boyz
What we rollin' with tonight, the mac?

Nah man, I brought out the kata for this one.
by Jizzo Fortanel July 19, 2009
deriving from the beautiful name Kate anyone called this is amazin.
ooh its katums, wow shes cool
by katums April 01, 2009
The best person in the world, sexy, amazing, see: cherry, schmau, orange tree
Kata your face is turning red. Oh thats becuase your a cherry.
by Kata October 12, 2003
a sweet queen peep who loves all peeps, except hattie. is clever and exceptionally pretty! is a neat freak
oh sweet kata we love you
by sweet kata March 05, 2004
One thats fast, 130kb FAST
One that makes you cry after an 80mb download under 10mins
I kata that girl.
I love kata off of #mvideos4u
by kok|sleep January 04, 2003
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