mexicans, people that when you see them they run off
theres mad kats out here thinking they hard
by sweet.thanq February 25, 2010
a person who doesn't come through after saying he or she will do so; a person who is repeatedly found unreliable after telling people they're down for something.
That kid is a kat, don't trust him to get it for us.
by Lil Tripps November 05, 2009
another word for copymachine. never creates its own image, usually needs another to produce anything cool or unusual.
"hey can you run to the office and use that Kat and make me some copies of these really cool pics?"

"DuDEY your nothing but a BIg KAT! "
by JenDONTblENdw/u June 01, 2009
keeping along variety of different spits of dna in your mouth, around your face and in your vagina.
Felix, "I just kissed Alexa, right after my three some with Ben and Cookie yesterday, what a Kat."

Jen,".... Kat is so wierd."
by itsmybirthday December 14, 2009
a crazy psycho bitch who is super possessive of ex boyfriends and doesn't have the ability to let go. she thinks that every guy she's been with is her personal property. also will not hesitate to make up bullshit stories to make herself seem more interesting or in a desperate bid for attention. also similar to kaitlyn in personality.
a complete slut who doesn't understand the concept of being single for more than three seconds
girl1: hey is it okay if i go out with your ex of two years ago?
girl2: NO!!!!! HE'S MINE!!!!
girl1: but you broke up two years ago!!!!
girl2: if you go out with him i'll disown you. if you were really my friend you wouldn't do this to me
girl1: omg you're being such a kat!!!!
by bitchfrmhellllllllllll June 02, 2009
A scary PMS induced toad monster, who takes pleasure in laughing at old/mentally disabled people. Is exceptionally good at imitating Jabba the Hutt, a skill most used in the presence of hotties in failed attempts to lure them into her presence. Most hated by Edward Cullen. Will exchange sexual favours for chocolate
Fred: oh my! why is that toad like woman laughing at that retarded boy?
Edward cullen: thats just kat. bitch stole my chocolate.
Fred: thats ok, I heard she's related to Jabba the Hutt...
by ihatekatandsodoesedward February 24, 2009
It means to steal something. Usually not used in a 'I'm gonna walk into a shop and nick a choccie bar' context though.
'She kat my layout'

'I never kat anything'

'She tried to kat my pictures'
by Mollzyy February 19, 2008

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