The girl that everyone wants, but some random kid that is seemingly undeserving gets. Usually ridiculously smart, and beautiful.
A- Did you hear?!? Kat is dating that Staley kid. He is so lucky!
B- No kidding! She is like the perfect woman, I mean have you seen that face!
C- Hey, will you guys stop fan-girling and pass the ketchup?
A- Heck no, we are talking about Kat.
C- Oh, my bad. I didnt know. Continue.
#cat #genius #expected #fan-girl #staley
by nobodyinparticular;) September 22, 2014
A sexy bicth! usally goes for the jocks a perfect example of a goddess.
Guy1: damn! look at her.
Guy2: Gotta be a Kat.
#bicth #hottie #hoe #meanie #slut
by kool dude 123 November 19, 2012
A girl who can act mean to strangers, but is really kind and childish. She is defiantly sexy like no joke good looking, but is full of many talents. Don't let that pretty face fool you this girl is strong and won't mind picking a fight with anyone as long as she won't get in trouble in the long run. This girl is defiantly a sports fan. So do yourself a favor and cherish a Kat if she's your friend bc your pretty lucky.
Dude watch out she's a "Kat"!
#sexy #athletic #tsundere #fun #cute
by BLANK27 January 05, 2015
An organization that performs pantomimes. (There is no miming in pantos) It is the longest running panto organization in all of the US and a famous one in england. The US one stands for Kennett Amateur Theatrical Society.
Hello boys and girls! And welcome to KATS's latest Panto Little Red Riding Hood and the New Jersey Wolves!
#pantomime #panto #theater #english #kats
by Badgermyshroomsnaake November 08, 2011
The act of shitting into ones hand and then examining the new prize using all 5 senses then ranking it on a scale of 1-10.
Man 1: bro what are you doin?

Man 2: oh ya know just pullin a Kat yo.

Man: aw yeaa boi! Lemmy taste that shit.
#kitty #cat #shit #poop #grades #shitty #swag #katherine
by RocChoc March 10, 2014

killer ass testicles

killer ass tits
He has KAT!
She has KAT!
#viv #sabo #kat #killer #ass #testicles #tits
by Hnaidnduds May 31, 2013
A huge attention whore.
Omg, did you see how much of a Kat that girl was being!?
#attention whore #whore #white girl #big mouth #jerk
by dragonbreath600 May 30, 2015
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