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A sexy bicth! usally goes for the jocks a perfect example of a goddess.
Guy1: damn! look at her.
Guy2: Gotta be a Kat.
by kool dude 123 November 19, 2012
11 6

killer ass testicles

killer ass tits
He has KAT!
She has KAT!
by Hnaidnduds May 31, 2013
4 6
An organization that performs pantomimes. (There is no miming in pantos) It is the longest running panto organization in all of the US and a famous one in england. The US one stands for Kennett Amateur Theatrical Society.
Hello boys and girls! And welcome to KATS's latest Panto Little Red Riding Hood and the New Jersey Wolves!
by Badgermyshroomsnaake November 08, 2011
1 3
The act of shitting into ones hand and then examining the new prize using all 5 senses then ranking it on a scale of 1-10.
Man 1: bro what are you doin?

Man 2: oh ya know just pullin a Kat yo.

Man: aw yeaa boi! Lemmy taste that shit.
by RocChoc March 10, 2014
0 3
The way dumbasses spell cat
I dunno, K-A-T, kat??
by raawwwr.95 August 26, 2010
19 101
Kat is this weird Asian chick that sings in chorus, but she sucks. it's okay though, because when she sings, she sings so loud that i even get credit for not singing.
she's Asian, but she looks black and she had a freaky Italian uncle. she gets hit on by black guys all the time because she has a donk.... she is the kind of person who will bring cold Chinese food to the mall instead of spending money on warm food court food. although kat is asian, she still manages to gets c's and d's in class, which amuses me. she dons;t know how to write an essay because she only writes in beaner talk... which makes no since because she was born in America. when you yell her name in the hall way she respond by yelling "dog!"
person a: "hey this hot Asian chick just joined my geometry class, i bet she can help me with my homework"
person b: ''is her name Kat?..... she's dumb as a rock''
by ojsimpsonlikesochocinco October 05, 2010
23 106
mexicans, people that when you see them they run off
theres mad kats out here thinking they hard
by sweet.thanq February 25, 2010
17 108