A sexy ass girl who gives every single man a boner. Even teachers. she walks around and boys melt for her eyes and perfect ass.
Peter: "Whos that sexy ass girl?" john: "Man, that is kat!"
by kats lova May 15, 2011
proper noun. female. very beautiful, smart, funny and able to kick ass if pissed off.
"What happened to your face?"
"I laughed at Kat."
by JJmrrll October 03, 2011
The most amazing girl you will ever meet

she has the best hugs, shes pretty, shes down to earth, Very good listener and will always have your back!
by Dyls February 09, 2012
the funniest, sexy, clever, hot girl ever and hope she will stay in my life forever!!!! i love her <3 i wrote this just for you - cause u r and just :) xxxxxxx
Peter: i wish i could have that kat?!!!!!

Snake: soz mate shes mine

Peter: damm :/ u r one lucky bugger!
by Mini.moreland June 13, 2010
The most stunning, amazing, beautiful, spectacular, sexy, smart, cute, adorable, incredible girl you will ever meet in your enitre life. She is always loyal to her friends and will comfort someone upset no matter who they are. She is giving and generous to everybody around her. She is flawless in what ever she does. People wish they were her and want to befriend her immediantly. All the guys want her and flirt with her daily. Pretty much an all around amazing person.
Person 1: Kat is pretty amazing, should I go talk to her?
Person 2: Back off man, she's mine
Person 3: No dude, she's mine
Person 4: Hey, she's my girlfriend. All of you back the fuck off
by xxxRandomPersonxxx December 01, 2011
Acronym for Kick Ass This Summer. Often written in yearbooks.
From Mark Haufman
by 5678 June 07, 2006
sex defined.

Nada: Damnnn shes so fine she must be a Kats!
by sushameanspiss April 25, 2009

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