To be rudely and publicly interrupted in the course of an acceptance speech for an award by a nearly unintelligible self-promoter who may be suffering from a form of as yet undiagnosed mental illness.
Victim: Thank you very much for this award, and-

Asshole: Yo, imma let you finish, but Beyonce was one of the greatest singers of all time. OF ALL TIME! (or)

Female Asshole: Blah Blah Blah Blah (still uninterpreted)

These are two examples of being Kanye'd.
by California Chainsaw March 10, 2010
Whereby an egotistical douchebag puts himself in the center of attention while under the impression that he is progressing the good of others.
"Yo, did you see Taylor get Kanye'd last night?"
"Yeah man, what a jerk move. It's all good though, she's hot."
by TJ Cometotheparty September 14, 2009
To get interrupted by a self-absorbed raging douchebag during a moment of glory.
1.) I just got Kanyed by some jackass while accepting my award.

2.) Dude, you just Kanyed the punch line to my joke.
by Mr. Evilman September 16, 2009
To have your moment of glory stolen from you, or be stopped prematurely.
I was delivering my acceptance speech at the banquet, when Bill Clinton showed up and totally Kanye'd me by stealing all of the attention.
by The Horse In The Hat September 15, 2009
to rudely interrupt another person
dude, I wash chattin up dis honey when Holmes came over and Kanye-d me, stole my thunder.
by oilcan905 September 17, 2009
When your having one of the best moments in your life and then your rudely interrupted.
2009 vma's.


Holding your first child for the first time in your arms then your friend comes walking in and tells you the eagles just signed Michael Vick. You've just been Kanyed.
by sneaker freak September 14, 2009
to have your speech rudely interrupted by someone who, although musically talented, gets most of his publicity from his numerous unwarranted, immature, and douche-y actions
I was giving my heartfelt eulogy to my grandfather until I was Kanye'd by none other than Kanye West.

Maybe Beyonce thought her video should've won too, but after the after the actual winner, Taylor Swift, got Kanye'd...she just felt outright embarrassed.

After Jay-Z got Kanye'd on his own verse, Jay threw up the Roc and fired Kanye's ass. Roc Nation!
by wes eyed September 14, 2009
to dis; to insult another to make one's self feel better
He kanyed me in front of everybody.
by Bradford Jordan February 11, 2008
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