To inappropriately steal someone's proud moment.
To interject inappropriately when you think something else is better.
"I just love my new apartment."

"Your apartment is nice, but my friends apartment is one of the nicest apartments I've ever seen."

"Wow, I just got kanye'd."
by alucero September 28, 2009
When someone steals your moment.
Jakie, "I went to the doctor the other day to find out the sex of my first child and when the doctor came back and said it was a boy, my mother in-law rolled her eyes and said, "couldn't it have at least been a girl."

Lisa, "dude, what a bitch. She totally Kanye'd you."
by YEBMIR September 21, 2009
To destroy or steal something.
Term became popular after Kanye West stole the microphone from Taylor Swift at the 2009 MTV awards and also destroyed her memory of her first MTV award.
Describing a fat guy who just broke a chair by sitting on it:
"wow that guy just kanye'd that char"

A guy who just robbed a bank:
"I just kanye'd 1 million dollars from that bank!"
by Philedup September 17, 2009
Saying outrageous opinions that hold absolutely no attribution to fact, simply for the purpose of a reaction and/or for your own amusement.
"Sorry Taylor Swift I just wanted to say Beyonce should have won this award."

Reaction: "*Gasp* Yo he just Kanye'd that bitch."
by Masimbaashee Cookie Zvovushe September 16, 2009
To be told the truth in an insensitive manner, specifically in front of a crowd; usually the crowd will consist of the same people who gassed you up and lied to you in the first place
Little Benjamin was named MVP of his team, mostly because he was funny and made everyone laugh, not because had any real athletic ability. As he thanked his team mates and coaches for their appreciation, Little Antione's dad kanyed Little Benjamin, screaming, "My son is the REAL MVP of this team! No offense to you, Ben. But we all know that this team is nothing without my son!"

Little Benjamin was mortified.

Little Antione was so embarrassed, but more for his dad than for his self. Although he (and mostly everyone else in the crowd) knew that his father was telling the truth, Little Antione shook his head and pretended to disagree.
by Yeah, I said it. January 15, 2011
Kanyed, verb:
To be rudely and publicly interrupted in the course of an acceptance speech for an award by a nearly unintelligible self-promoter who may be suffering from a form of as yet undiagnosed mental illness.
Larry King gave kanyed Academy Award Best Documentary Short winner Roger Ross Williams a chance to give a full acceptance speech on Larry King Live tonight.
by DJ Brent Big Ballz March 09, 2010
To be interupted at a very important moment and embarrassed infront of a lot of people
"did you see taylor swift at the VMA awards?"
"yeah she got totally Kanyed
by zelcrow September 25, 2009

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