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8 definitions by AskACapperDOTcom

A term referring to a mans penis. Mostly used from a mans point of view.
Tonight I'm firing my "Vagina seeking missile" at her!
by AskACapperDOTcom April 14, 2011
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Thanking the spotlight from someone in a vain attempt to be funny/clever/win affection of a person/mean or what not.
Example 1: "Taylor Swift was Kanye'd by Kanye West at the MTV VMA this year."

Example 2: "I was doing a toast at the wedding when the brother in law Kanye'd me"
by AskACapperDOTcom September 16, 2009
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A Low Maintenance Relationship (LMR) is when a couple is mutually exclusive to one another but not in a FULL relationship. A low maintenance relationship includes NOT needing to talk to them everyday, maybe SOME texting per day but NOT a super abundance, getting together ONLY once or twice a week and going out and SOME sex.

A LMR is for active individuals who have many responsibilities and have no time for a FULL relationship.
Girl how are you going to balance work, school and a boy friend? You're going to get burnt out.

I just need a Low Maintenance Relationship and I'll be all set.
by AskACapperDOTcom October 23, 2010
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When someone steals another persons complement that wasn't directed at them.
Jack "Suzie you look nice today"
Jill "Thank you"
Jack "Jill don't complement poach"
by AskACapperDOTcom September 16, 2009
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A slang term for a shoulder holster for a firearm worn under a person/cop's jacket.
Hey you got a concealed weapons permit cool, you getting a cop bra too?
by AskACapperDOTcom June 07, 2009
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Sharing or attempting to share international things with someone. Also can be the general sharing of international information.
Hey let me epcot you on this, the french don't have a quater pounder with cheese.

Don't be epcoting me man, I don't care about france.
by AskACapperDOTcom June 07, 2009
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The act of texting/IMing & listening to the same song with with that person at the same time.
I met a girl from Norway and we where IMing and syncing last night, she loves music almost as much as me!
by AskACapperDOTcom June 07, 2009
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