To steal someone's 5 minutes of fame by being a douchebag yelling that the other guy was better or any other inane comment. As if somehow, your voice outweighs the voting masses because you are a genius who likes fish sticks!
Taylor Swift got totally Kanyed at the VMA's last nite.

Obama got Kanyed by the South Carolina guy who yelled "You Lie"
by Datamonkee September 14, 2009
To have your moment of glory stolen by another person while in front of a crowd of people. Inspired by the ridiculous actions of Kanye West toward Taylor Swift at the 2009 VMA's.
"Dude, it was my birthday today and when I was trying to open my presents, my little cousin came up and started telling everyone jokes. I totally got Kanye'd."
by Alycia Hall September 17, 2009
To interrupt and steal focus away from someone who's speaking. To steal someone's "thunder".
Barack Obama was Kanye'd by Joe Wilson when he yelled "You lie!" during his congressional speech.
by fjupiter September 16, 2009
An extreme case of haterade that is expressed verbally and before a big audience.
My coworker Kanye'd me by letting everyone know that I was a minute late.
by Lake Speeder September 14, 2009
An unwelcomed interruption by a drunk or otherwise mentally impaired person.
Did you see Beyonce's reaction after Taylor Swift got kanye'd at the MTV awards? Priceless...

Joe Wilson just kanye'd Obama!

Remember that Iraqi guy that kanye'd Bush? He just got out of jail today.
by stoic nose September 14, 2009
To get ridiculously wasted/fucked up. Refers to the battle between 50 cent and Kanye West over record sales and how 50 cent got crushed.
Mila: Hey E, what'd you do last night?
Elise: Oh fuck.. Got right Kanye'd.
by letsgetkanyed November 28, 2007
When you blatantly interrupt somebody who is deservedly the center of attention by making some sort of retarded statement.
Person 1: Did you just see that asshole interrupt that award winning artist?

Person 2: Yeah, she totally got Kanye'd.
by UEFHokie September 13, 2009
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