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Krusader Blade, a OGL clan in counter-strike Top 10 of OGL
Damn KB just owned ever clan in the world
by Ownage Squad January 19, 2004
the cooolest person in the world, the type of person you want to be.you look up to them.
oh word? you want to be a kb?
by kkk3 July 10, 2008
Short for kine bud, KB is marijuana that is super potent. Usually it will look very fluffy, green, have red hairs, and many little crystals of THC on it. In most cases it will not have seeds. This term is commonly incorrectly defined as kind bud.
When you smoke the KB, you will get blowed out.
by Patricio EL Burro January 17, 2006
the tightest gangsta around from the dsb rap group. he smokes, drinks, and fucks all day. a true OG, a role model to everyone....lives a few houses down from me and comes to the Smith Farm park and i hang out with him alot
When i grow up, i wanna be exactly like ma dawg KB. Everything he does is just great for humanity and he is just my role model and is a true original gangsta. Shoutouts KB.....your a livin legend.
by Justin March 15, 2005
adj/noun- a person who is mean and rude to someone else for no reason(and realy ugly and fat)
1. Is that Kb person in a fight angain?2. Whats with Kb's ugly sweater today?
by Laura January 06, 2005
a fat and ugly kid who is gay and gells his hair. His name is mike
Did kb use a whole bottle of gel on his hair today?
by Mike P. Hater January 10, 2005
When the word "stupid" just doesn't quite cover it. Well beyond ignorance.
The soldier assaulted the enemy troops carrying nothing but a banana...pulled a total KB.
by Opidont July 23, 2009