Coined by firearms journalist Dean Speir, kB! is shorthand for "kaBOOM!"

Usage: Verb

A situation where a firearm has a catastrophic failure causing it to explode. The situation typically arises from a ruptured bullet casing, but may also be caused by a barrel obstruction, or a having too much powder in a cartridge.

While a kB! will probably render the firearm inoperable, and unsafe to use, the firearm should contain much of the explosion.
I had my glock KB on me yesterday! The gun's shot, but I'm ok.
by Jeff Rodriguez February 05, 2008
1. Killer bud
2. Killa Beez - this is the most aggressive territorial bee known; male often kills any bee who enters his territory; this bee represents the core members of the Wu-tang clan (straight from Wu-tang manual).
3. (KB) kilobytes
4. (kb) kilobits
1. I got some KB let's get stoned, blitzed, bent, wasted, high, blasted, and bombed.
2a. Mobb deep - Killa bee who still livin'.
2b. Wu-Tang - Killa beez on the swarm.
3. Remember when we had those shitty 110 KB 5 1/4'' floppy disks?
4. Remember when we had those shitty 56 kbps dial-up modems?
by Gman3154 May 19, 2007
The most famous of Tasmania's gangs the KB gang was started by the infamous gang lords Zj(Zee) and Mike Z. The gang gets its name from Kingston Beach (hence K-B), a suburb of the Tasmanian city of hobart. The KB gang's territory extends from the out skirts of Tarrona and Mt Nelson right down through Kingston and extending unchecked towards the South. Centralised around the well known Kingston beach the KB have been locked in an age old rivalry with other Hobart gangs such as the West Side Warriors and the Tarrona Trenchcoats. Although law enforcement agencies have been trying to put the KB gang behind bars for most of this century it has been extremely hard for them to gather any clear evidence of wrong doings. The only thing they have been able to charge a KB memeber with is destruction of property and drink driving and both of these charges lie on Zj. The destruction of property charge was a public sharade with the charge being in relation to Zj pulling up a tree. Tasmania has been well known for its gang lords world wide with Australias most famous gang land figure, Chopper Reed, growing up not far from the KB area.
Don't drive down there that's KB territory! You would have to be mad!

Ive got the bloody KB on my back!

Oh shit its Zee and the KB! Lets split!
by Author of Gangs of Australia February 28, 2006
Kb is an acronym for "kind bud". It is a nickname for very potent strains of marijuana. It generally has a thc content that's 21 percent by weight and has long red hair growth, a sort of frosted appearance due to the high thc content, a light green color (though this can vary with every strand). Kb is usually a denser and rounder-looking bud and is more difficult to break up.
Examples in speech:
"I'm about to roll a fat blunt with 2g of kb"

"I need about an 8 of some kb"

"Hit me up when you get that kb."
by Steve June 14, 2006
Acronym for Kenne Bell supercharger. Very popular upgrade for Mustangs GT's and Mustang Cobras.
Dude, have you seen KrAsS's new KB Cobra? It hauls like no other.

MW Rules.
by KrAsS January 30, 2005
A toystore by the name of KB Toys which contains quality products.
Dawg let's go to KB Toys to look at da barbie's badonkadonk!
by Warren Baker July 07, 2004
KB = in street terms its Kind Bud or if you wanna be a technical bitch it stands for Kilobytes

really dank pot; delicious smelling weed
This KB really grabs ya by the boo-boo
by James Carpenter March 17, 2003

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