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6 definitions by Arby

Sausage fest, ...seriously.
A bikini party consisting of four girls and forty guys
by Arby March 28, 2004
A group of over-stressed, bitchy house-wives/devorcees that dont know what to blame their childs problems on. Rather than admitting its their own problem,they blame it on games/tv.
Did you hear that MAVAV clawed up a child purchasing a TV?
by Arby February 08, 2003
The ultimate game of tennis, involving up to four courts as the play area, no internal boundaries and the fence between courts acts as the net. Playing exemplifies such man skills and a test of such feats to continuous Mannis play. A variant may be played with four players over great distances. The manliest sporting alternative to tennis.
The manliest match of Mannis I've played in ages". "Those people are playing tennis, let's play Mannis". " I'm feeling rather refreshed after that game of Mannis".
by arby July 02, 2012
Usually used as "theif" or "to be ripped off"
Who the hell tiioed my donut?!
by Arby February 08, 2003
To kick, then ban one from a community.
<Comprox> !kb Silent_But_Violent Omg pwnh4x
by Arby February 08, 2003
Also referred to as the 'Blurry English Blob'. A Europian man that is saught after by the greater half of IRC.
<Us3r> Wheres Fam?
* Fam^ has joined #Something
<Fam^> Your still here?
by Arby February 08, 2003