Justin is a boy who wants an Isabella to love him, but an Isabella doesn't love him. All the girls want him, but he wants an Isabella. Charismatic, intelligent and a hot looking dude.
Justin is charismatic
by Drewhen July 01, 2011
Hot guy with perfect hair. Absolutely perfect. So sweet but can be a jerk. They will make you feel wanted but then just let you go out of the blue. But that is rare.
OMG look its Justin
by _12_27_14_ May 07, 2015
A boy whom is obsessed with Eminem. He's smart and he knows it. He can be a real pain in the ass, but it's impossible to leave him. A great friend, someone who you can trust. Very lovable and adorbssss.
"Justin is SO SMART."
by slytherin13 January 05, 2016
A guy who is a hypocrite, a man whore and that loves to create drama.
Tim has sex with every girl but judges if a girl has sex with ONE guy, he's such a justin
by dontfackwithme2 March 24, 2014
A DUMBASS who is so rude he will turn around and date YOUR BESTFRIEND. He will make you fall in love with them freckles and there dark drown hair, and there bueatiful blue eyes. But be warned Justin is a DUMBASS I mean he is so bad that his friends call him DUMBASS as a nickname. Even his girlfriend.
Who is that dumbass over there?
Oh that is a Justin.
by A Justin September 15, 2016
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