One of the most kind hearted people you will ever meet. Flawless moral character and an accent to die for. He tries hard at everything he does, and has many hidden talents that could surprise you. It's easy to get lost in his blue eyes when he sings, or just in general. He over thinks things way to much, but the end result is perfect. You will never meet another one like him so hold on.
Justin is the cutest and sweetest cowboy I've ever met!

Justin is truly different than any other guy!
by missingmactown August 30, 2012
A super tall guy with AMAZING hair and a big personality. They're super nice and good with the girls(; once you got them, they go and hurt you, leave you, come back, then leave you again. You can never get over him once you fall into it. Everyone goes through a Justin phase. He's also is good at making out(;
Girl 1: I think I love that guy over there.

Girl 2: Oh Justin? So your going through that phase!
by Taylor Swift3313 January 02, 2012
One of the eight wonders of the world. His smile is like a morning sunrise overcasting the sea. He will make you feel awesome about yourself no matter what mood your in. Downright the best dude to ever lay eyes upon. All girls should feel lucky to make eye contact with this amazing specimen. He should replace "The Most Interesting Man In the World" guy. When he takes his shirt off girls automatically produce an orgasm.
"OMG hes such a justin...AHHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOO"
by phillip broski November 04, 2011
A guy who is all ways here for you.he the nicest, sweetest, and most loveable. the guy who will make you just fall in love wiht him cuz thats what he did to me

i love you justin with all my heart<3
Justin: im laying in the middle of the street wishing you were here with me so we could stair at the stars together!!

Me: AWWWW!!!
by LillGinger2 June 01, 2011
Is a badass beast. Raddest dude you will ever see on the face of the planet. all the hotties want him. All other dudes are jealous and want to kill him but wont try because he is invinceble. Such a boss danny can't compare
DANNY: Did u see that dude with 7 hotties over there

DUDE 2: He must be a Justin
by BadASSRadASS November 19, 2012
A person that ejaculates on his face while performing the task of masturbating. He has been known to say it tastes like bitter hot sauce. He loves pretty women and is addicted to jacking off. Gets a lot of shit on his Macbook. Spends four hours cleaning up after. He also has been known to fall off his scooter right in front of the hottest chicks in school.
Fuuuuuuck! I Justin-ed myself in the face!
Why the fuck did my mom have to name me Justin?
by LaughingMyAssOffAllTheTime October 10, 2011
Justin is a boy who wants an Isabella to love him, but an Isabella doesn't love him. All the girls want him, but he wants an Isabella. Charismatic, intelligent and a hot looking dude.
Justin is charismatic
by Drewhen July 01, 2011

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