A guy who is a hypocrite, a man whore and that loves to create drama.
Tim has sex with every girl but judges if a girl has sex with ONE guy, he's such a justin
by dontfackwithme2 March 24, 2014
Justin has a small baby cock, he suffers from stds wich he got from animals, he tends to watch gay porn.
"Where is Justins dick?"
by Calvinivlac1234 February 16, 2010
Quite loyal and faithful. Very lazy and strong headed person with thick skin. Don't know how to appreciate anything. Don't like giving, but loves receiving.
'Justin, why are you so damn lazy? take shower at least once in two days please!'

'Justin, do you want to find a job? please?'
'Justin, would you stop playing games all day and night?'
by Jaesun88 January 04, 2012
A person who sends excessive and innapropriate text messages and voicemails, usually whilst intoxicated and often resulting in ruptured or failed relationships particulary those directed at females.
" hows it going with that girl you met?"
" its over, i got drunk on the weekend and pulled a justin"
"ohhh no..."
by wilfred partridge September 26, 2011
can be very annoying and has no sense in fashion what-so-ever
Wow! you couldn't be more Justin.
by dingalingadong August 18, 2011
He's cute at first, kind of annoying and obnoxious, sort of embarrassing, but cute in many ways. You think he's quite a gentleman until he lies his way out of things and likes your best friends but lies about it. He lies, and will abuse you emotionally. And won't listen to a word you say. Also sort of a wanna be emo kid,whiney and stuff. Beware of Justin, they'll deceive you and lead you on just to tear you down.
Beware of Justins
by number 00.7 August 11, 2011
A douche, a jerk, someone that nobody likes, a player.
Don't be a Justin. You better tell Natalie before she gets hurt bad
by idkwhatever July 30, 2011

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