a bearded man who is stinky and loves cats.
A: dude, I woke late and forgot to take a shower. I did, however, have time to surf the internet for cute kitten videos.

B: Mannnn, just like Justin!
by alioops November 05, 2014
Justin has a small baby cock, he suffers from stds wich he got from animals, he tends to watch gay porn.
"Where is Justins dick?"
by Calvinivlac1234 February 16, 2010
A dumbass morherfucker
Teacher: what's 2+2


Random person: he's such a Justin
by koolman921 May 01, 2015
A type of idiot who looks extremely ugly, they always stutter and has poor understanding to what people said. Those people are usually watching HENTAI (Japanese porn) or google searching 'Thomas the Tank Engine Porn' during class. They usually have numb legs and are slow at running, which normal people runs around 5 times faster than them.
He's so Justin like!
by Justin Chow April 21, 2015
A nineteen year old that dated a fifteen year old girl and cheated on that fifteen year old with another fifteen year old. He has also dated a thirteen year old and cheated on her with another thirteen year old. He has stupid looking snakebites and brown eyes but masks them with blue coloured looking contacts. He is a drug dealer and is high 24/7.
15 year old : ew that nineteen year old just hit on me

her friend : ew must be a Justin!
by ILoveMilo October 17, 2014
Quite loyal and faithful. Very lazy and strong headed person with thick skin. Don't know how to appreciate anything. Don't like giving, but loves receiving.
'Justin, why are you so damn lazy? take shower at least once in two days please!'

'Justin, do you want to find a job? please?'
'Justin, would you stop playing games all day and night?'
by Jaesun88 January 04, 2012
A person who sends excessive and innapropriate text messages and voicemails, usually whilst intoxicated and often resulting in ruptured or failed relationships particulary those directed at females.
" hows it going with that girl you met?"
" its over, i got drunk on the weekend and pulled a justin"
"ohhh no..."
by wilfred partridge September 26, 2011

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