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A very cute, shy guy at first but once you get to know him he is really sweet. For a little while. Then you develop feelings for him and he says he feels the same but then you see him with another girl telling her the same thing. He is secretly a douchebag. F*ck you Justin.
-Oh guys guess what! I'm dating a new guy named Justin, I think I might love him!
-Um he is a douchebag you can do better!
by lifesuckslol January 20, 2013
One of the eight wonders of the world. His smile is like a morning sunrise overcasting the sea. He will make you feel awesome about yourself no matter what mood your in. Downright the best dude to ever lay eyes upon. All girls should feel lucky to make eye contact with this amazing specimen. He should replace "The Most Interesting Man In the World" guy. When he takes his shirt off girls automatically produce an orgasm.
"OMG hes such a justin...AHHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOO"
by phillip broski November 04, 2011
Justin is a boy who wants an Isabella to love him, but an Isabella doesn't love him. All the girls want him, but he wants an Isabella. Charismatic, intelligent and a hot looking dude.
Justin is charismatic
by Drewhen July 01, 2011
Justin has a small baby cock, he suffers from stds wich he got from animals, he tends to watch gay porn.
"Where is Justins dick?"
by Calvinivlac1234 February 16, 2010
A complete and udder retard a stupid stinky retard

If you get called a Justin it is an automatic hit in the balls
You're a justin!
You just justin'd that up
by Numerounodouche April 02, 2014
A guy who is a hypocrite, a man whore and that loves to create drama.
Tim has sex with every girl but judges if a girl has sex with ONE guy, he's such a justin
by dontfackwithme2 March 24, 2014
can be very annoying and has no sense in fashion what-so-ever
Wow! you couldn't be more Justin.
by dingalingadong August 18, 2011
Quite loyal and faithful. Very lazy and strong headed person with thick skin. Don't know how to appreciate anything. Don't like giving, but loves receiving.
'Justin, why are you so damn lazy? take shower at least once in two days please!'

'Justin, do you want to find a job? please?'
'Justin, would you stop playing games all day and night?'
by Jaesun88 January 04, 2012