A company that makes music stuff. I don't know about their other instruments, but their trombones suck. Don't get a jupiter trombone, unless you want to really be able to apreciate a half decent trombone. Their other instruments probably suck as much.
I played a jupiter trombone in sixth grade that we rented. In seventh I asked for a yamaha because they looked cooler. The slide is much easier to move and the instrument itself is much lighter. It's still not all that great, but it's good enough for a highschooler. We've continued to rent the same trombone for three years now and some day I'm going to buy it out of slavery, for sentimental value if nothing else, even though I really could use one with an f key.
by Dr. Batido December 24, 2005
Top Definition
The biggest ball near Uranus
Jupiter is usually your left nut
by Jepetocavale October 20, 2006
adj: Large or incredibly awesome. The best.

Eric: I had us tickets to a Van Halen show but they were stolen.

Shane: Jupiter! I love Van Halen I can't wait!
by et87 April 25, 2009
A city north of West Palm Beach, FL, located at the top of Palm Beach County. A great place to live. Lots of great restaurants as well.
Lets drive to Jupiter.
by Jackie January 17, 2005
Biggest planet.
I can see Jupiter with this telescope!
by Kikaider June 27, 2003
One of the most famous pieces written by Gustav Holst (the 4th movement of a seven-movement orchestral suite by Holst)
Jupiter is totally ballin'.
by *subject name here* January 29, 2008
The largest known planet in the Solar System, with gravity about 2 times larger than earth and has a famed huge storm area known as the big red spot.
Jupiter sure is one big planet!
by Sirius123 May 08, 2007
A highened sensory experience, transcendentally close to Blissdom.
Squizzy said to Hammy:"I wanna one-way ticket to Jupiter."
by Panty Pants April 15, 2005
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