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a julia is a very special person. no words can describe how you feel towards one. a julia is not a fragile person physically or mentally, but in your heart. one little mis-gesture or misunderstanding from her to you and your heart can feel like its ripped to shreds, although she would have no idea how you felt that moment. julias would never intend to hurt anyone unless they have done wrong to her, in which case a beating can and will occur towards the wrongdoer. the best feeling in the world is in julia's embrace.
i felt like i was in a cloud when julia hugged me.
by mcljnaaf May 02, 2011
Julia is an AMAZING girl. Short but very cute. Has brown hair but acts like a blonde at times. She is the most lovable person in the world. Can get any guy she desires. Has amazing eyes that you can stare at all day. Likes to go out a lot, and have a good time with friends. Athletic but sometimes not be so good at some sport. Most are prude. Always hanging out with her best friend. If your lucky enough to date a Julia, hold on to her and never let go because she will make your life soo much better and make you happy. Good Luck finding a Julia they are rare.
Im dating Julia :)
by juliaisaprude November 07, 2011
Julia is a out-going beautiful brownish black haired girl with a spunky personality. She makes a great best friend. She makes a guys life turn around in seconds. She always knows how to have a good time with her friends. People talk crap about her but she know who she is and she doesn't listen to them. Her friends back her up for anything she needs and she will do the same for her friends. She is just a overall loving, beautiful, amazing, cute, best friend a guy could ever have.
Julia, Loving, cute, best friend. amazing
by Rawrrawr22 July 06, 2011
A girl that shines with beauty inside and out. She can keep your secrets, and can be trusted with anything. She has MANY MANY friends, and tends to be HILARIOUS. She tends to act strong around others, but is a reck when she is alone. She is a messy girl, and is absolutely amazing in bed. She gives the best kisses and BJ's. She's a keeper.
Tom: Yo, I nailed Julia so hard last week. Soooo hot.

Christy: TOM!! Don't share that. Julia has a great personality, not just great sex.
by penelop3 June 12, 2011
Sexiest person will ever lay your eyes on
I know some Julia's (:
by PoPoLoverForever July 11, 2010
An amazingly pretty girl who everyone loves and gets about 3 million hugs a day . A person that is so lovable and amazing that you cant help smiling when you see her and think about all the crazy things that you have done with her. She is the only anti depressant you need. Just one hug from this beautiful person makes your day no matter what you’ve been through. The only person that you will do anything to just be with for five minutes. She is the sun that comes out during a storm , the brightest star in a winter sky the person that can make anything funny , the person that you will do anything for no matter how stupid it is and not care. The person with around fifty best friends but love them so much they’ll never leave her side. The first person you think of when your in trouble.
if you could bring one thing to a stranded island , what would it be ? i would bring the prettiest , funniest most amazing person there is , JULIA!
by soccccer September 01, 2011
Funny, amazing dancer. normally likes guys named jared.............. and gets gold honoral always. Never neglect this friendship. she always laughs for no reason especially when she is with her friends. Honorable, sweet, caring, *loves smiles* :) :) :) :) :P lol
Julia: tee hee

Girl 1: "Julia whats so funny?"

Julia: "Nothing."

Girl 1: lol :)
by jajm July 04, 2012