The hyperest yet most funny person you will ever meet. she can get on ur nerves but shes fricken amazing and yeah!!
Hailey: Julia is so hyper today

Kristen: i know right!!!!
by lyssisthebestdontjoke69 December 12, 2010
Funny, amazing dancer. normally likes guys named jared.............. and gets gold honoral always. Never neglect this friendship. she always laughs for no reason especially when she is with her friends. Honorable, sweet, caring, *loves smiles* :) :) :) :) :P lol
Julia: tee hee

Girl 1: "Julia whats so funny?"

Julia: "Nothing."

Girl 1: lol :)
by jajm July 04, 2012
A name commonly used for girls. Most Julia's are really sweet and nice, always being sensitive towards others feelings. Can be very shy when first met, but once you open up to her, she is the life of the party and has an amazing sense of humor! Usually has flawless skin and a beautiful face that can light up a room. Julia's are commonly very artistic and amazing dancers, actresses and singers. Almost always top notch at sports! Has a great sense of style and beautiful hair. A natural leader who attracts hot guys without even trying and makes great new friends easily. Julia's are always loyal to friends, but sometimes can't help but gossip about them every so often! Though sometimes easily irritable, she won't show it unless she wants to. Gorgeous body, huge boobs and a nice butt that leaves men wanting more! The definition of a perfect girlfriend. The envy of all girls. Try getting to know a Julia sometime, you won't regret it!
Wow! did you see that sexy girl over there? she HAS to be a julia.
by bigmomma1995 November 26, 2011
A dorky, silly, fun loving person, who at times hates herself, but everyone else knows that she is beautiful. She is the queen of dirty jokes and the most out going person you will ever meet. Her friends all consider her family and she can convince you of anything if you give her the chance. Julia is determined, and at times stubborn, which is good because she never ever gives up. A Julia is somebody you know you can trust with anything, and she will stop at nothing to stay loyal to the people she loves.
Julia is my absolute and total best friend!
by heartandsoullover January 19, 2013
soo beautiful! every guy wants to be with her. but she only has her eyes set on, mostly guys named ben! shes a great kisser and when she starts its hard for her to stop. she is very smart and a great swimmer. every girl wants to be friends with her, she is nice, respectful, and has really cute clothes! Julia loves her family and friends. She always puts others before herself. She is just the best person ever!!!
i wanna be a julia!!! That is is beautiful shes a Julia.
The sexiest girl alive. she is amazing and has a nice butt she really can dance and sing!
Damn you are datin julia!!!!!!!
by Sean Gattes January 26, 2011
A girl who is the baddest bitch. Keepin the pimp hand strong 24-7. She's smart and cool and has lotsof guy friends. She is normally best friends with girls named Maggie, who are also awesome. She's an alpha female awesome girl, and a very rare type.
That girl Julia is fucking awesome.
by rossdaboss420 August 18, 2010

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