a funky fresh individul who has got it goinngg ONNNN.
she's amazing, talented, smart, and SUPPPPERR SEXYY.
she can be a straight up g, yo.(:
she's pretty flyyyy but totally down to earth
anyone who meets her loves her incredilby.
julia is pretty much the sex.
(boy sees girl)

that girl banged like a julia.
by Urk April 07, 2008
Julia is one of the nicest, most amazing people you will ever meet. Julia is smart, funny and beautiful. Julia can do whatever she puts her mind to and she is not a quitter, she does not give up easily on anything or anyone. Julia is an amazing friend and she will always be there for you. Julia is a great listener and you can always trust her with anything and have complete faith that whatever you told her will stay in confidence. Julia is an amazing artist and loves to read. She will succeed in life, because she succeeds in everything she does. Julia is completely down to earth and sweet and kind. She is the best friend anybody could ever wish for!
Dude 1: She's amazing...
Dude 2: She's Julia...
by thehost15 September 29, 2011
a julia is usually a really intensely hott girl who is athletic and has many friends. she's outgoing and loves long loyal relationships, julia's are amazing kissers, if u have the chance, kiss one! she is usually one of the most popular girls out there and can change turfs easily. she is a kickass dancer and loves parties. she has as many guy friends as girlfriends and is a good listener and gives great advice. she is not stupid but not a brainiac, you don't want to mess with a julia, she will stand up for herself and you might end up with a sore arm or leg. julia's adore the beach and that or a big white fairytale wedding are what they dream of. they are nice and down to earth but when someone messes with them or one of their friends julia's know how to turn on the bitch factor. julia's aren't that artistic but if they are they are AMAZING. they are sporty chicks if not a girly girl. or they may be in between. a julia can also get down and dirty and they are not afraid to eat mcdonalds because they still have a smokin body and they know it. they don't have huge boobs but they are defiantly not small! they have great butts that will drive you crazy. all around, everyone wants to be a julia, be with a julia, or be bestfriends with a julia.
"oh shit look at that hottie, she's such a julia"

"she was born queen, she must be a julia"

"have u seen that julia she's perfect"
by julien 31123 August 16, 2009
an all around amazing girl. Very insecure about looks, mainly boob size, though usually very sexy anyways. a little nerdy. LOVES to talk about sex. can spend 12 hours talking to her and still be bummed when she has to leave. shy about relations basically the best girl you could ever meet.
Wow, she's the most amazing girl i have ever met...what a julia.
by JN <3 JD January 20, 2009
Julia is the ideal modern woman. She is beautiful and feminine, while still being smart and assertive. She can be tough when it calls for it, but most of the time she is warm, sweet, funny, and sexy as hell. She can be a mother, worker, or a lover with equal ease. A julia often likes to wear her hair up to take care of business but when she lets it down it will take your breath away. She can be bossy at times, but only because she knows what she wants and if u don't want to fall behind you should just do as she says. If a guy is fortunate enough to find this rare breed it is best to honor her perfection as best you can. This is the type of woman who can have cute little feet, rock a pair of thigh-highs, yet still know her way around a military rifle.
Dood 1: Wow that woman is a hot mix of everything.
Dood 2: I know! I hope she breaks up with that guy so I can go out with her. She is such a julia.
by paroxetine killed my sex life February 05, 2010
Julia is an AMAZING girl. Short but very cute. Has brown hair but acts like a blonde at times. She is the most lovable person in the world. Can get any guy she desires. Has amazing eyes that you can stare at all day. Likes to go out a lot, and have a good time with friends. Athletic but sometimes not be so good at some sport. Most are prude. Always hanging out with her best friend. If your lucky enough to date a Julia, hold on to her and never let go because she will make your life soo much better and make you happy. Good Luck finding a Julia they are rare.
Im dating Julia :)
by juliaisaprude November 07, 2011
Someone who takes the mattress off the bed and has sex on it on the floor, so as not to wake the neighbours.
"Do you wanna Julia-style?"


"Yeah so we did it a Julia last night"
by jaf913 November 23, 2009

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