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Juggalos and lettes often get a bed rep because nobody really gives us a chance. People don't like us because we are different from the rest of the brain washed society and are ourselves, not clones. Not every lette and lo do drugs, there are straight edge lettes and los. There are lettes and los who hang with others (non family), and then there some who only hang with family. Yes, we are a very large group stretched from every which way and consider each other family. Not all lettes and los a lowlifes, scum bags, whatever. You can think you can judge everyone and know their whole life and shit, but when it comes to the truth, hah, it'd blow your fucking mind.
Joe: "Yo Brad, Sam! Get yo asses over here!"
Dick: "What the fuck you doing man? Those faggots are juggalos/juggalette."
Joe: "Dude, you're a asshole, juggalos/juggalettes are people too. Besides, they're mad chill."
Dick: "They're nasty scumbags yo. You want to fucking chill with those faggots, I'm peacing."
Joe: "What the fuck ever yo, at least they're not fucking douches like you."
Dick:" ............."
Joe: "That's what I thought."
Dick: "Fuck you man!!..."
Dick walks away.
by psychotokerlette October 05, 2011
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