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People who smell weird and are inevitably fat, ugly/deformed, acne-ridden, or all of the above, and enjoy listening to recordings of two fat, ridiculous, middle-aged men donning clown makeup grunting about murder, having sex with children, and insects crawling on their genitalia.
Thankfully, most die relatively young of meth overdose, suicide, syphilis, or by drowning in a puddle of their own drool. Unfortunately, far too many perpetually keep the "d-bag" gene in the pool by reproducing and creating bigger fuck-tards than they could ever dream of being themselves.
"The illiterate juggalo/juggalette that looks like Ron Jeremy in drag is fellating the grease-pile-excuse for a teenage boy half her size in exchange for a cigarette"

"Jimmy, the juggalo who dropped out of community college after a week, likes to wear clown makeup, sell meth, and commit statutory rape when he's not masturbating over Victoria's Secret catalogs in his mother's basement"
by RabbleWabble September 01, 2007

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