a girl who's down with the clown. it ain't just about icp. there's all of psychopathic. also, lettes listen to all sorts of music. shit, i ain't been down too long. i didn't give up on all the other music i liked just to be a lette. oh, and they're not all fat, trashy, drugged out, and ugly. being a lette is equal to being a lo. it's all about family. so don't hate.
I'm only 125 pounds, curvy, and damn sexy. don't stereotype, assholes. =)

I'm a wicked ass juggalette till the day i die.
by Wicked_lette_twix February 07, 2008
A juggalette is any girl that associates herself with juggalo's. By this I mean that they are down with the clown and don't take crap from anyone. They support the family, but do not have to be anything... they can be whomever they please because being a juggalo/lette does not insinuate that you must be anything but down for the family and the concepts behind the music (these concepts most people do not understand because they can't look past the obvious lyrics to find the deeper meaning).

A juggalette is the sexiest girl out there. Whether fat, skinny, black, white, brown, yellow... pink even, it doesn't matter. A juggalette is not racist or sexist nor do they discriminate against any other groups (well unless given a reason).

Juggalettes usually, but are not required to, follow the dark carnival. They except all other religions. One could even follow both, no one really cares because they do not discriminate against anyone for their beliefs.

A lot of people think that because certain juggalettes sleep around and such means that all of them are like that. Just like any other group of people, there are going to be juggalettes that do not fully understand the meaning, none of them do at first. This is exactly why they are taken into the family so that they can be taught the true meaning of the family, dark carnival (etc.)
**I am a juggalette and I am tall, blonde, not fat (but not a twig either) and I am a NATIONAL honor student, taking college classes in high school. I may not have a 'perfect' life or family at home but i do have my juggalo family and they help me deal with the 'blood' relatives.

**See lyrics for the songs: Juggalo Family- Dark Lotus, What is a Juggalo- ICP
by Juggalette1228 April 13, 2009
To those of us who don't have to sound tougher than shit or be "more down" than anyone else, a Juggalette is a rather simple concept. You don't have to be down with the clown to get what a Juggalette is.

A Jugalette is a female who knows who her family is - The Juggalo Family and she wont take shit about it. She considers other Juggalettes and Juggalos part of her family and treats them that way.

If she met ICP or Twiztid or whomever she wouldn't fawn all over them and act like a slut bitch, she would see them plainly as other Juggalos.
Bitch, show a Juggalette respect.
by Down Juggalette September 19, 2005
Okay, I AM a Juggalette, a Dark Carnival Juggalette. What I've been taught over the years that that is, is a person that follows ICP's Joker's Cards. Now, bitch, I ain't no fucking fat ass crack whore, but some of us are. We're different, and we are freaks. Of course, not all of us are. We can be real sweet and loving. We stand up for our clown family, we don't let each other down. We're that person who will drive across the U.S to save our homie from the bullshit they're going through. We're behind each other all the way...
A Juggalette is walking down the street with no care, sees a complete stranger and hears him talking about him being a Juggalo.

The lette- "Hey, homie. I'm a lette. I need some help."
The lo- "Sure girl, what's up?"
The lette- "My parents are hurting me again."
The lo- With no questions asked, he either take her home with him or beats the shit outta the parents.
by Skittles Tripp Zombie June 22, 2007
a juggalette is someone thats is just kinda dgaf it they just plain and simple dont give a fuck they do wat they want and there donw with the wickit clowns ok they have alot of family of all ages they love boondox blaze icp dark lotis brotha lynch tch n9ne hed pe...... man imma fuck down ass juggalette so all u haters dat dont no wat it is or wawnna dis us and our family fuck off ill always have my juggalo family!!!!
juggalette family
by echo, side. August 29, 2008
juggalette is more than just being a fan its a life style. this may come as a shock, but real juggalette's are not sluts. we call them juggahos. the ones that want to jump on shaggys nuts, flash their tits to try and get attention in the juggalo family, and only call themseelves lettes because their boyfriend is a lo, are just that. a real lette has to much respect for the music and the family to want to jump on shaggy or monoxide's nuts . and flashing your tits only reflects badly on the family. lettes arnt fat or ugly thats just a steryotype, shit im not. their also not obnoxious if yu find a real lette, theyre the most chill peaople you could ever meet. finaly were actualy extreemly smart and we stand up for our own were down for life and we enjoy the ride
a juggalette will do anything for the family
by all this and im a lette too September 03, 2005
a girl that listens to all that psycopathic shit and who will do anything for her fellow lettes or juggalos.Also referred to as wikid clown or ninjette
A juggalette reps a hatchet not a flag.
imma be down with the clown til im dead in the ground nigga
That juggalette is sexy as fuck
by lettetilld3ath September 25, 2008
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