A Juggalette is simply a chick who is down with the clown. She may not have always been down with the clown, but once she finds her way home, shes a juggalette. Juggalettes don't have to breathe ICP, Twiztid or other Physcopathic
Records artists, but they very well may. They don't have to strictly listen to Physcopathic Records, or flawt that they do everywhere they go, but they very well may.
A juggalette is a juggalette, plan and simple. Each have their own style and expressing themselves. The only thing definite is that juggalettes are down with the clown and down with every other lo and lette.
You could see a juggalette anywhere, if you're a lo or lette you can spot a faker. But don't hate.
by FreakxShow24 November 01, 2007
A female juggalo. In a personality definition, they are protective of their family (in and out of the juggalo community), but they aren't rude unless someone verbally offends them. Most aren't overweight either, and not all of them date juggalos. They're hardcore fans of ICP, Twiztid, ABK and other Psychopathic bands, but it goes deeper than that.
Juggalettes are behind the juggalos 100%, but they aren't always in a relationship with one, nor are they rude or overwieght.
by Juggalette for Life January 10, 2006
Down wit da clown 4 lyfe.. thats it..
Bitch show a juggalette respect.. you dont wanna tussle wit a down ninjette!
by JuGGaLeTtE J December 24, 2004
Theres more to a juggalette then just being a female insane clown posse fan. A juggalette does'nt care what you think about her. She dont depend on a man but loves havin them. A juggalette is down with the clown for life. She listens to icp and other phycopathic artist.
A juggalette is all ways down wit the clown.
by Terri January 24, 2004
a female juggalo who is down w/ the wicked clowns
f*ck out of here if u ain't down with the clown!
by clown crazy April 26, 2003
A smart young teenager who is Mexican-American and educated juggalette who goes to school and earns straight A's. A virgin who has morals and does not mess with just any guy, but one with a job and a future.Want to go to college and be a therapist.Usually there name is mexican named Estrella.So now quit saying all juggallettes are fat, stupid and white.
I am a educated juggalette
by angeldawnkris@yahoo.com May 16, 2010
A Juggalette Isnt Just Some One Who Listens To Icp, Its Some One Who Reps The Hatchet, Who Is Down For Backing Her Juggalo And Juggalette Homies Up, And Respects Her Self. I My Self Am A Juggalette, And Just Because I Don't Wear Much Icp Gear, I Do Rep The Hatchet For My Life And I Do Love Icp And I'm Down To Back My Homies Up At ANY Time. Juggalettes Don't Givva Fuck What People Think. We're Not A Gang, We're Just A Big Family.
"Hey Its Those Juggalos//lettes Over Thier!"
"Yeah There For Shure Down For Life."
"Yeah But Those Other Ones Over Thier Are Fake Juggalettes Aka Kymber Decutler"
by HatchetGirl420 September 22, 2009
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