How do i describe us? We're girls who listen to Psychopathic records, usually ICP. We're real, most of us are down to earth. We don't go around talking shit on all our friends like most people do. We're a family and i can't describe us except we just don't care what a faggot pop punk or gay ass bitch has to say about us. We got clown love and that's all i can say. you gotta see it to believe it.

Also referred to as a 'Lette
Sam is one fine juggalette.
by Lexee J'lette Cox June 27, 2011
A Juggalette is a nice, impish-in-nature girl who follows the beliefs of the band ICP with dignity and loyalty. Like Juggalos, they will often drink Faygo, wear clothing sporting the Hatchet-Man Symbol, and paint their face like a wicked clown just for the fun of it.

They are by far more Human (if not wicked clown) then the majority of the heartless fellows who disdain them for the faintest of reasons.

Juggalettes take much pride in standing out from the norms that carry about in their pitiful, hateful manners and spiteful lives.

A Juggalette will treat her friends with compassion/sympathy and strive at nothing to make sure that her loved ones are happy; she'll even offer them a Faygo if cheering them up with her bubbly personality doesn't work.

She will do her best to brighten anyone's day, even if it means neglecting her own emotional just to be there for the person whom is having a hard time.

Although at times she may seem wicked or act in such a manner, she really means no harm but to have a good time and make everyone laugh. To her, it doesn't matter if the norms are laughing with her, or at her clownish acts and painted face, as long as they smile and are happy, is what really matters to her.
Juggalette: "Hey, what's wrong? Are u alright?"
Depressed Friend: "It's just been a tough week.."
Juggalette: "U know what will cheer u right up?" *gets out nutella and faygo"
Depressed Friend: "Oh my gawd, u r the best!"
Juggalette: *proceeds to talk and make jokes with friend while both drink faygo and eat nutella*
by Toxicis October 25, 2013
a fan of insane clown posse, often the most caring and loving indivduals a person can meet, they will do anything for one another especially juggalos, they like 2 have fun in there own ways and they truly are amazing people who represnt family and unity. they will be homies with anyone who is willing to treat them as such.
i meets this juggalette the other day and she was cool as shit, she even talked me through some problems i had.
by DARKNESS WOLF June 21, 2011
"Family, unity, with diversity, and individuality so f*** popularity." ~Twiztid

It's about freedom. Aren't all great things though? Being a Juggalette is about being true to yourself, regardless of what others think. It's about remembering what's important in life and not getting swept away by all the bull. It's about acceptance, love, family. There are Juggalos from all over the world, of all races, all sizes, all different kinds of backgrounds, all united by the music we love and the dream of a better world, the world that we make into a reality every day, because we live it.

There are people who hate me just because I am a Juggalette That sounds like a bad thing, but really, it just tells me which people I should avoid. The people that judge others based off petty things like that, well, I don't make it a point to associate with those types of people.

Much love
By the way you guys are all wrong in your definitions. Apparently you guys have never met a juggalette. For one, hi i'm a juggalette. Oh and I don't have an STD and i'm 17 and I still don't have any kids. I shower and wash everyday. So you guys really need to stop hating onthe family because you guys aren't a part of it!
by juggalette4life419 October 19, 2011
A girl that is a fan of ICP, The female version of a Juggalo
I am a juggalette because I like listen to ICP

A juggalette is part of the juggalo family
by shweety August 10, 2011
A Female member of the best family you could ever want or ask for.
An example of a juggalette is a woman/Girl dedicated to the music and back story of the Insane Clown Posse, Also usually enjoys a great time (party,Social Gathering,Ect.) And most importantly understands her place in the world and community.
by AJ THE LAST OF THE STRONG November 13, 2010
Dear reader, i am a Juggalette. I am not an uneducated fool, in fact, i am probably more educated than a lot of the single minded idiots who have been saying as such. I belong to a family, and we are not a gang. I represent the hatchet. Just because i like ditterent music than you, dress differently, and believe differently, does not mean you have the right to judge until you have spent a day in my shoes.

Also, A lot of the Juggalos/lettes that i have met are some of the best people i have ever met. My fam has my back always, who do you have?

By the way, I happen to be a published author at age 15 and take honors classes, so not all juggalos and juggalettes are un educated.
by Scarlett Lette 253 November 24, 2012

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