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They are girls who speak their mind and arent afraid to be themselfs, They might love ICP or any hard rock band aswell as hollywood undead and twisted. They are unique unlike some of these followers acting "popular" They are their own person in some ways. They smoke pot and drink alot, if you like to party chill with some juggalette or juggalos cause they are pretty outgoing unless you do something to piss them off. They can be immature but no body is perfect. Stop judging people you dont know anything about.. what you hear is bullshit. Stop being IMMATURE by talking shit. Not all juggalette's and juggalo's are the same as most. And chances are if they knew you were saying what you are right now they would beat your ass.
Chelsea: She wore some awesome makeup
Tom: She's also pretty down to earth, and funny.
Abbie: Yea, She was a juggalette
by Juggalette865 March 31, 2012
a fan of insane clown posse, often the most caring and loving indivduals a person can meet, they will do anything for one another especially juggalos, they like 2 have fun in there own ways and they truly are amazing people who represnt family and unity. they will be homies with anyone who is willing to treat them as such.
i meets this juggalette the other day and she was cool as shit, she even talked me through some problems i had.
by DARKNESS WOLF June 21, 2011
A Juggalette is a girl who follows the ways of a Juggalo. A girl who is down with the clown.

A Juggalette is not a dirty, illiterate, nu since to society.

A Juggalette is a normal person who believes in God and Believes that women should be treated with respect along with their parents and peers.
They do not give a fuck about the bullshit and haters that try to bring them down for being less fortunate and unique.
Juggalettes are real and not fake back stabbing whores.
Juggalettes are strong and faithful and trustworthy to all that are faithful and trustworthy to her.
Juggalettes work just as hard as someone who is not.

They are non conformist because of their unique styles. They don't have to have black clothes, or face paint on to be a Juggalette.
Juggalettes are to respected just as a person who calls themselves a christian or Jew or atheist or any other "label" (as people like to say) people call themselves.
A Juggalette will help you out if she is in the position to.

A Juggalette is a beautiful, strong, smart women.
by A Juggalettes Game February 02, 2014
A Juggalette is a nice, impish-in-nature girl who follows the beliefs of the band ICP with dignity and loyalty. Like Juggalos, they will often drink Faygo, wear clothing sporting the Hatchet-Man Symbol, and paint their face like a wicked clown just for the fun of it.

They are by far more Human (if not wicked clown) then the majority of the heartless fellows who disdain them for the faintest of reasons.

Juggalettes take much pride in standing out from the norms that carry about in their pitiful, hateful manners and spiteful lives.

A Juggalette will treat her friends with compassion/sympathy and strive at nothing to make sure that her loved ones are happy; she'll even offer them a Faygo if cheering them up with her bubbly personality doesn't work.

She will do her best to brighten anyone's day, even if it means neglecting her own emotional just to be there for the person whom is having a hard time.

Although at times she may seem wicked or act in such a manner, she really means no harm but to have a good time and make everyone laugh. To her, it doesn't matter if the norms are laughing with her, or at her clownish acts and painted face, as long as they smile and are happy, is what really matters to her.
Juggalette: "Hey, what's wrong? Are u alright?"
Depressed Friend: "It's just been a tough week.."
Juggalette: "U know what will cheer u right up?" *gets out nutella and faygo"
Depressed Friend: "Oh my gawd, u r the best!"
Juggalette: *proceeds to talk and make jokes with friend while both drink faygo and eat nutella*
by Toxicis October 25, 2013
damn you guys are bitches arent you? a juggalette/jugalette idk how to spell :p is a girl who can stand up for herself and say fuck the world :) i listen to icp alot but i dont consider myself a juggalette. they are not juggalers, or people who talk to ghost. they listen to insane clown posse (icp) a band i like :) many people dont like them but many people DONT LIKE YOU ;) they have a "family" of juggalos and juggaletts and have their backs no matter what. some are white trash, some are rich. some maybe fat skinny beautiful hott tall short blind missing a leg. they may be obnoxious or quiet. they come in all forms but a juggalo is a juggalo. not a jugga-hoe >:| they wear the face paint to symbolize who they are. just like you would wear a cross to say hey, i believe in god. or you would wear a hello kitty shirt and bows everywhere to say hey im a scene kid yo! but juggalos and juggaletts are far more than just a look. Its a family and music. its really amazing how they could create a huge world wide underground phenomenon with just music. they dont set out to kill people, but i wouldnt fuck with them you know. they are normal people like you and me. what you think is stupid and ignorant and what they think is stupid and ignorant are very different and it makes you no better of a person to make fun of them for being who they are.
Icp started a family of juggalos and juggalette.

bob: "hey jane. look over there! are those clowns?"
Jane: "no bob, those are juggalos and juggaletts."
Bob: " wtf is that?"
Jane: "they are a big family of individuals that are not actually family but brought together by the music icp made"
Bob: "oh i see. thats awesome that they have their own thing!"
Jane: "it is isnt it?" :)
by EmilyToast:] November 19, 2010
A Female member of the best family you could ever want or ask for.
An example of a juggalette is a woman/Girl dedicated to the music and back story of the Insane Clown Posse, Also usually enjoys a great time (party,Social Gathering,Ect.) And most importantly understands her place in the world and community.
by AJ THE LAST OF THE STRONG November 13, 2010
A dick hungry juggalo groupie
Damn that stupid juggalette wouldn't get off my nutz last night!
by Tbalboa November 12, 2010