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OMG i was like totally on My Super Sweet Sixteen and like my party only cost like $500,000 and no party is good unless it costs like at least a million.
by weirdgothchick April 10, 2007
A shortened term for the band Panic! At The Disco
1st Person:Panic! is an awesome band.
2nd Person:I know. Brendon is an awesome dancer.
by weirdgothchick April 10, 2007
A place the creepy preppy people that think they're tough go to buy pre ripped jeans for $60.
FYI: rips come from natural wear and tear not scissors.
and dont try to convince people that they ripped when the hole in in the middle of your shin.
OMG i totally like bought these ripped jeans at like Hollister and like my daddy totally wouldn't buy them so i was like a rebel and like took his credit card. I'm like so tough.
by weirdgothchick April 10, 2007
Juggalette is not the preferred term of ICP for female family. They look at everyone as a Juggalo, as a part of the family, no matter the gender.
Juggalettes should be reffered to as juggalos, like another member of the family.
by weirdgothchick April 10, 2007
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