stupid fat bitches who talk black and worry about when their next crack babay comes out while at the food stamp place:) and still attending high school while their 20 years old and hang out with a selective few of reject kids in the lunch room that all wear retardedly baggy pants and have little hatchet fagots on their shirts. and they think their a family because no one else wants to accept their ugly asses:)
juggauglyassbitch(juggalette):"ey i cant go to dat kickback tonight ima get fired from pizza hut if i dont work today"

juggafaggot:"its coo ill pick ya up on mah bike when ya get out"
by powerviolenceattack August 05, 2009
A "Juggalette" is the feamle counterpart of the "Juggalo" - fans of ICP (Insane Clown Posse - a group of 40+ yr old men who paint their faces, scream profanities and spit a drink called Faygo all over their loyal followers). They are usually in their rebellious teens, but there are some older adults who have yet to mature emotionally and mentally who follow, trying to hang onto their youth. These are sad people trying to fit in somewhere and belong to something, who have some inner emotional need that they can only seem to be filled by joining a group of other emotionally defunct people who allow themselves to be plied dry of their cash and spit on and cursed at by the same people they claim to be "down" with while telling the rest of the world that they "Don't take any crap from outsiders". They are incredibly sad people. Pity them...don't hate them. It's a cult like atmosphere and they are being used. See the word "Owned" or "pwned".
Juggalette: "I'm a Juggalette and I'm down with the clown!"

Normal person: "Why aren't you down with a job?"
by ICP outsider June 04, 2010
Apparently likes to run around saying it's about "being yourself", while being in a group of (apparently millions) who are just like them.

The music it's based on is... very profane and disturbing, lacking in any kind of depth, and the following of this borders on being a cult, but at least they're loyal, dedicated, and believe in what they're a part of.

They're not all fat, or sexy, or druggies, or loose, or saints. Though there are obvious attention, self-esteem, maturity, and/or reality issues (which could be said with following any obsession of this sort to such a degree). That said, they're not ALL the same, some borderline not being an actual juggalette.

Most of this occurs strictly online, where people can act as tough as they want, hookup easily, and raid in groups without fear in an act of attempted intimidation (just see earlier definitions).

The lyrics are still disturbing...
Myyearbooker: "This person's myyearbook name is '*so in so* is a juggalette fan for lyf'. What's that?"

Friend: "Check their playlist for Insane Clown Posse, or see if they have any juggalo friends or boyfriends on their friend list."
by Not A Pseudonym April 20, 2011
Being a Juggalette (or Juggalo) isn't about how much merchandise you have or knowing every detail about ICP. It's about being yourself- about seeing the world differently from normal society and not caring where you fit in. Juggalettes don't take sh!t from anyone, they know who they are and accept it. True Juggalettes know what it's like to be an outsider. It don't matter how many hatchetman tattoos you have, or how many ICP cd's you own, it's about being yourself and not caring if other people don't like you. One of the most important things is being a believer in the Dark Carnival and knowing when life fails you, Shangri-La will always be a place for you to go, if you truly believe- that's where you WILL go.That's my definition of a TRUE Juggalette....."Truth is we follow God, we've always been behind him, the carnival is God and may all Juggalos find him." P.S. I'm a Juggalette, and proud of it!! Yeah I have tattoos and I have kids but I am an educated individual who has a Diploma and runs my own business, I'm a contributing and upstanding member of society. I don't come from a poor or broken background, I do smoke weed I don't do other drugs or drink alcohol, I don't post random stuff on the internet and only wrote this because I was dissapointed & disgusted when I read the definition of a Juggalette posted by narrow minded uninformed people who'd put no research into their posts apart from their own personal, misguided opinions!
Peace out motha fakoos!!! WHOOP WHOOP!!!
Person 1: What is a Juggalette??
Person 2: Ya don't know??
Well, their down with tha clownz n their down 4 life yo!
Person 1: Bout time someone who knows what they are talking about wrote on this subject!!
Person 2: Yeah!There is some random BS on here!! Anyone with a keyboard and an opinion can be heard! I feel sorry for people looking for REAL answers to questions who end up reading some of these posts!!
by juggalugga February 11, 2011
Dear reader, i am a Juggalette. I am not an uneducated fool, in fact, i am probably more educated than a lot of the single minded idiots who have been saying as such. I belong to a family, and we are not a gang. I represent the hatchet. Just because i like ditterent music than you, dress differently, and believe differently, does not mean you have the right to judge until you have spent a day in my shoes.

Also, A lot of the Juggalos/lettes that i have met are some of the best people i have ever met. My fam has my back always, who do you have?

By the way, I happen to be a published author at age 15 and take honors classes, so not all juggalos and juggalettes are un educated.
by Scarlett Lette 253 November 24, 2012
A female who follows the group ICP and many other Psychopathic Records groups. Usually attractive and paints her face as a clown, many different types. Some smoke pot, and some do not. Some are gang associated and some are not. Depends on the person behind the paint.
Dude, did you see that clown chick?

Yeah dude, thats a juggalette!

uhh....a what?

A juggalette bro, a girl who is a psychopathic chick, most likely to rock your world.


Of course, i heard they were the best girl you could get.
by almightysmartone October 26, 2011
How do i describe us? We're girls who listen to Psychopathic records, usually ICP. We're real, most of us are down to earth. We don't go around talking shit on all our friends like most people do. We're a family and i can't describe us except we just don't care what a faggot pop punk or gay ass bitch has to say about us. We got clown love and that's all i can say. you gotta see it to believe it.

Also referred to as a 'Lette
Sam is one fine juggalette.
by Lexee J'lette Cox June 27, 2011

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