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to have sex without a condom.
"no condom? well fuck me raw."
by Stoney March 10, 2005
When you think of something that you need to do but you really cant be bothered to do it. The lazyness of humankind catches up with you and you really just give up and go to sleep.
Person A "Gotta do my homework today man..."
Person B "llow it"
Person A "Alright, lets play Halo"
by Stoney December 13, 2004
its spelt led Zeppelin anyway..do your homework
"Oh wow i love led zeppelin"
(A true fan)
"Oh wow i love led zepplin"
by stoney December 13, 2003
The 'buzzing' feeling around your groin when you've been up all night making meaningless hay with a minger. Cockbuzz is not necessarily pain, more a feeling of being more aware of one's member.
Jesus christ, I was with a right dobber last night, I've had cockbuzz all morning man.
by stoney September 10, 2004
the icy cling-on stuff that hangs off the panties of a long-haired dog in snowy cold weather
whoah, look at the assicle buildup on that collie!
by stoney February 05, 2004
ugly or pitiful
thats chick is total uggs
by stoney June 25, 2003
well first of a juggalette is a female. she is way more than a hard core FAN of ICP. She is a part of a large family. That dose not my any means discriminate agenst other famliy mebers.She is very lucky because if she were to come a cross a family meber (juggalo or juggalette). they will automadicly be treated as if she is there sister.

** A juggalette is always down !

** she belives in the DC!

** She wants to to to shangri la.

**she knows all the words to any ICP Song!

** she could tell you the bio's of shaggy and J.
by Stoney June 19, 2006

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