a juggalette doesnt give a fuck what anyone thinks and they dont have to be ugly or fat and they know what they want and they will do whatever it takes to get it.
they are down for anything and everything with some juggalos.

no we aint hoes.
bitch show a juggalette respect you dont wanna tussle with a down ninjette
by cemeterygirl{JSC} October 02, 2008
Juggalette-A female version of Juggalo. A Juggalette is off the fuckin hook, they're down with the clown for life. They don't give a fuck what people think, they could fucking walk up and slap a bitch only to hug them the next second! They're spontaneous, and like to have fun. A real Juggalette, who is down, isn't a fucking fake ass motha fawkoo who just goes with the crowd, they'd rep the hatchet even if they were about to die. They'll be homies with you for the rest of your life, ready to fight to the death if you need the help.
Man! Bekah isn't no fuckin Juggalette! She a juggaho, only rollin with juggalo's cause her boyfriend and his friends are down.
by Ropeu November 27, 2006
a juggalette is a female fan of icp twiztid abk kmk and ect. they dont take shit from any bitches who talk trash and they kno who their real famliy is the juggalo family they stand behind juggalos 210% for all they do u cant stop them then live breathe and die for the carnival
im a fucken juggalette if u dont like me then u can fuck off
by HARDCORE juggalette August 07, 2007
A Juggalette is a female that enjoys Psychopathic Records' music. They don't have to be pretty, ugly, fat, skinny, crack-headed, drug-free, or any of that shit. Where as a Juggalo is a male, such as myself, that enjoys Insane Clown Posse, Boondox, Twiztid, Blaze Ya Dead Homie, Anybody Killa, Kottonmouth Kings, Dark Lotus, Vampiro, Jumpsteady, or anything else. It really doesn't even have to be only underground music. Wether Underground or main stream. A Juggalette is a girl who is down with the clown.
"Bitch, show a Juggalette respect. You don't wanna tussle wit a down ninjette"
by AeronBane May 14, 2007
Sexxie bitches that you don't wanna fuck with!
We take shit from no one and we stand up for each other. Often hanging with Juggalo's and listeing to psycopatic records. We rep the Hatch!
Me and my crew, nothin but some juggalettes!
by MikkaLenko October 22, 2006
a sexy ass female juggalo whose down with the clown til shes dead in the ground
bob"who is that sexy girl with the face paint and the DD?"
fred (juggalo)"man thats my juggalette"
by memjndsujsdib March 07, 2010
A juggalette is sometimes hard to understand but are not sluts. Juggalettes are with juggalos 100% but that doesnt mean they date them. Juggalettes are misunderstood not retarted we 'breath' the music because psycopathic records gets us. Because, like us, they were judged too. You people out there who are judging us are creating monsters and you dont even realize it. And as for us being obnoxious, we are the most chill people u will ever find and we try to stay out of drama. We do not hate all 'preps' or 'jocks' only the ones who judge us and make-fun of us to make themselves happy.
Juggalo-i swear if that dude says one more thing...
Juggalette- ay man calm down they arent worth it
Juggalo- your right i gotta get to class
Juggalette- ight peace

Give us some slack we dont hate on you unless you hate on us first
by Trulette4life January 11, 2010

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