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Juggalette...u may think they like to show our tits alot(thats just the groupies)are rude,fat,ugly...but ur wrong i am a juggalete thats is 123 pounds and can be nice or rude if you mess with me, and i have respect for myself (not say all letes do)...We stick up for the hachet and don't let ne one treat us like shit.we r true to the hachet,for ever will stick by our fam,and will be down with the wicked clowns 4 life no mater what pple say about us..we love each other to the end, Even if i never met u and ur a lo/lette,we still stick together,we r family.
So stop haten' and get to know us we can be very nice pple.(i we like you)
Much clown love.
If ur a true juggalette or juggalo you can't go around with a painted face and a dirty hachet.MMFJWCL....
by PSYCHO_BITCH_519 September 15, 2006

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