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a female juggalo. icp fans. they dont just listen to icp and the phycopathic records, but they choose their own music and could give a fuck less about what ppl think about them. a juggalette doesnt have to be the hottest chick in the world. they r always themselves and arnt necessarily druggies. juggalos love them no matter what, and they always back up the family. and they dont necesseraly have to hate eminem just cuz icp had a fight with him.
me. down juggalette for life. u f*ck with the family and the family will f*ck with ur face. i may love phycopathic records and icp, but i listen to other shit too. im not fat, but im not skinny either. my juggalo homiies will back me up no matta what, and i could give a shit wht some preppy ass bitches got to say about me.

ima be down with the clown till im dead in the ground* mcl to the los n lettes
by a wikkid juggalette December 30, 2005
136 202
A female version of a juggalo. Juggalette's love ICP music and get the message hidden in the songs. A lot of people think that juggalo's and juggalettes are white trash; but they're wrong. Juggalette's consider other juggalettes and juggalos to be family. Some juggalettes/juggalos find out about ICP from their parents or family members (I learned about it from my cousin, Lyle). Other's discover it on their own. They also don't just have to listen to just ICP. I listen to different types of music (except pop) but I still love ICP, Twiztid, Boondox, etc. I love their music. My point is, respect juggalo's and juggalettes and they'll respect you. I'm a Juggalette for life. Peace!
A Juggalette is true to her family and will always help out whenever she can.
by Emily Q May 07, 2007
46 113
Definitions of a Juggalette can be endless. We are who we are; all individuals all unique. All with one passion, the love of the Juggalo world ICP created.

Trying to define a Juggalette would be like trying to define yourself only by your religion. So it doesn't matter what a Juggalette REALLY is because in the end only those who follow it really understand anyway.

How do I know this? Because I have been a Juggalette for seven years now. What I don't understand is why the world needs to understand all that we are. It is not something you define it is something you become. I was never "told" what a Juggalette is, I just became it because ICP's world became apart of me.

If you don't like the world ICP created then well....basically, it's just like ICP says "this is our world! This is OUR WORLD! THIS IS OUR WORLD! SO GET THE FUCK OUT!!"

by GigglesHASmcl February 25, 2009
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Juggalette is not the preferred term of ICP for female family. They look at everyone as a Juggalo, as a part of the family, no matter the gender.
Juggalettes should be reffered to as juggalos, like another member of the family.
by weirdgothchick April 10, 2007
19 87
some people think jugalettes are ugly annoying fat girl but we`re not.we are fans of artists off of psychopathic records. we are the girl versions of juggalos. juggalettes and juggalos makeup a huge family that shows alot of love!so dont go saying that juggalettes and juggalos are a bunch of fat,annoying,ugly,wigers,or any shit like that!!!
that juggalette is chill
by julie fedele May 22, 2007
34 103
A jugalette, as you may already know, is a female that's down with the clown. Juggalettes listen to groups such as Insane Clown Posse, Jumpsteady, Twiztid, Blaze ya dead homie, Psychopathic Rydas, Dark Lotus, and Boondox. All of these groups are on the record label known as Psychopathic Records. juggalettes will honor and take pride in their juggalo/juggalette family and won't take shit from anybody about it. There are a few things that need to be accomplished before you are officially dubbed as a juggalette though...1) You've had a Faygo shower. 2)you've been to an ICP concert. 3) your not afraid to stand up for your homies. 4)your down with the clown. But if some of these don't apply to you, don't worry, you can still be down with the clown. Juggalettes aren't preppy or stuck up. They aren't sluts either!! But if you fuck with a juggalette, your gonna get your ass kicked!!
juggalo-are you down with the clown?
juggalette- 'til i'm dead in the ground.

by Spanky Monoxide<3 May 13, 2007
21 91
Lets clear all this shit up ok? a juggalette dont have to be fat or obnoxious or fucked up. shit im a juggalette and im def. not fat or obnoxious and i dont get fucked up very much any more. The point is, a juggalette is just like any other chik...they stand up for their family...they love the family and the onlly diff. is that they listen and feel music diff. from other bitches. juggalettes, just like juggalos stand up for each other. they are the people that will drive 50 fuckin miles just to bail their homie out of the cell. they are the type of people that would give their lyfe to save their homies. Thats what a juggalette is. so stop dissing on us. we aint never done no shit to your punk asses!
Juggalos and juggalettes alike will do anything for family...remember that bitches!
by Lesbian_Lette July 27, 2005
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