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A person who hates the ICP, but was, in all likelyhood, a Juggalo at one point.
Bob: ICP sold out.

Carl: Shut up, Juggahoe.
by Kyle March 24, 2005
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a fake ass bitch who trys to be down wit ICP but only knows like 2 songs
Let's go wigsplit that motherfucking juggahoe
by Juggalette1616 November 04, 2002
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comination of juggalo and hoe.

a very insane person that is a hoe
"Man did you see Martha Stewart work that meat? Man she was doin' it like a juggahoe"
by CJjuicyjuice November 05, 2011
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I dispise how you tryin to perpatrate like a juggalo, but you ant down mutha fucka yous a juggahoe
by East Coast JUGGALO May 15, 2003
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Someone who doesn't know what it truely means to be a juggalo. They may talk shit about family (fellow juggalos) for something they wear, how they look, how they talk, ect. Or maybe if they are somehow insulted by what another family member says they won't make an effort to work it out or even try to ignore it and start saying shit right back. If you truelly are against another juggalo or suspect they are in fact a juggahoe keep it to yourself and stay away from that individual. Remeber that a juggalo shouldn't give a fuck about what anyone says (or just not give a fuck in general). A juggahoe will not help family in desperate time of need. Juggalos are no pussies most of them have been hardened emotionally, or in some cases just went plain crazy, and sometimes physically hardened as well, from their past and can "kick ass" if strongly disired, weather it be with family or solo. The hillbilly slaughter fest is over too btw, psychopathic has Boodox now (I saw the whole hillbilly hater shit as just another form of biggotry anyways.) One more thing to you juggalos out there... Completelly idolizing psychopathic prolly isn't the best thing. It's prolly better to try and spend more of that time chilling with the homies in your local area if possible. (but that's just my speculation) There's alot more to this but I don't wanna spent weeks explaining it all. Sorry, peace, and MMFWCL!
New juggalo: See that juggalo over there? I think he's a juggahoe!

Down ass juggalo: Man just don't fuck with him. If they claim to be down they're "fam"... He just gotta learn more juggaloism or smoke some more of the ganja when listening to the underground, it's his own loss if his ass don't even try. As Gweedo once said "Juggalo's fighting over who's more down is just strait up bullshit."

New juggalo: (Now knowing more majick of juggaloism) Damn looks like I gotta do some research or some shit.
by Rob666 killa December 10, 2006
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People who live in the mainstream world of rap who only try to be down with ICP just because they heard of them on Radio, Tv, Commercials,etc "Fuck Mainstream"
Juggahoe overheard by Juggalo
Juggahoe: oh my god this is an awesome song by ICP. I wonder If they'll Play this as a Music Video on MTV? I don't like the cursing Though
Juggalo yelling: You are a dumbass Juggahoe! Why do you think they don't go on Radio or MTV.
Juggahoe: Idunno, Why
Juggalo yelling: Because It's people like you always fucking up our underground family asshole.
by Rancid Darkness August 03, 2007
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a fake juggalo whore, thast gay.
dude ur such a juggahoe go fuckin die.
by XxjugglettensexyxX April 25, 2007
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