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There is only one jubb jubb this word occurs when you are watching the simpsons whilst sat next to a fat friend.
hes a fat jolly jubb jubb.

Jubb jubb's always hungry.
Shut up jubb jubb
by Jubb jubb October 29, 2009
4 1

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President who cannot lead. Continually claims inexperience as an excuse. Lies
Jubb Jubb has really stuffed up this company
by Richardeg May 14, 2007
5 6
Presidential figure with no idea, but wants to make life fun for all. Generally wants to turn things back to the dark ages.
He made a bad a decision. What a Jubb Jubb
by Richardeg February 19, 2007
1 2
another term used for a person who inserts hot dogs into dead dogs bodies via penis. Gets off on bloody masterbation.
Jubb jubbs were exterminated by womens rights movements.
by jesus christ May 22, 2003
8 24