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Jubb is jubb.
Anything can be jubb, and it is one of my favorite adjectives. Jubb can be good, or bad, but if you describe a female as jubb, it usually means they're fat.
Life is jubb.

That chick is SO jubb it's disgusting!
by ;;fab. March 01, 2009
Doncaster slang term for the penis of a fat man, the shaft of which is buried and hidden in pubic fat leaving just the head on show, sticking out like a sticky out belly button
"So I got his pants down but he was so fat his jubb looked like a little mushroom and I felt really sorry for him"

"He were wiggling his jubby at me, trying to impress me like, but I just laughed"

"He had a wee Jubb and even hard i just could nea do anything with it like"
by The Yorkie Bear Kid May 24, 2012
A term used to determine a scatty or forgetful person.

When one goes off on a tangent and completly changes the original topic (Jubbing)
Somebody being a complete scat(Phoebe from friends - Or Nadia)is sometimes refered to as a jubb.
by supajubb June 05, 2004
A disabled person. Mainly used when referring to someone with mental retardation.
1) That Jubb is dribbling on himself
by Mathius-Montilius May 25, 2009
1.to jubb out. talk shit and be very confused as a result of taking drugs, usually ecstacy. 2. who's a jubb?!! as you would shout at your happy friend who is "jubbin out!"
0oi!!!! check it dave, dat geezer's a fu**in' jubb, he keeps tryin to lick that geezer's shirt!
by Danny Tripper February 26, 2005
(noun) def. - the process by which language becomes a complete impediment to understanding...totally.
Nadia, you Jubb.
by the honourable Jubbsalot May 01, 2003
West coast Norwegian slang for sigarett butt.
"After the party there were a lot of jubbs on the floor".
by brunost August 13, 2011