Dammmmmnnn he's hot. Usually goes for brunettes. He usually tends to have light brown eyes and brown hair. Flirts a lot and is sexual. Likes to be competitive
Dang Joseph is fine as hell
Joseph is dating her
by LoveMeLoveYou May 04, 2016
Jesus father,The Original pimp,the dude who pimped out his wife to God so Jesus could be born or he himself started a ruhmor saying god knocked her up when he himself did it (plottwist)#thuglife
Hi my name is joseph, it is very nice to meet you.
by Jesus pops, the original pimp September 23, 2015
Komals baby she sleeps with <3 HE makes her day in the bed
Damn that was one night just like with joseph!
by SPUDERMAHN August 16, 2016
A little bitch who doesn't know shit and says your mom nonstop
Wow you just turned into a Joseph
by Hispanicbeaner301 June 21, 2016
Gay asf with one inch dick and girls go nowhere near him cause he smells like shit
That kid joseph stay away from him
by Drizzy Jizzy23 July 21, 2016
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