He is a dick face ass loser
Joseph is such a dick face ass loser
by AndyAkiraJorma June 05, 2014
likes pancakes and chocolate milk.
Joseph says 'I like chocolate milk.'
by nesnej101 February 15, 2012
joseph normal has brown amazing hair, and the most georgous brown eyes. he is trueley awesome and has alot of skill when it comes to blading. if you meet a joseph you are very lucky as he is a very understandable honest humanbeing. extremely hot in every way, lady magnet. committed to the very end. normal shite at cod as he gets beat off there girlfriend. josephs are exstremely fit ;) so be aware once your attacked to one you'l never want to let them go.


gotta love a joseph!
by truely blonde. June 08, 2011
An impossibly incredible man, with beautiful blue eyes. Tough guy on the outside but on the inside different.
goodness that man looks almost as handsome as a Joseph! He's a Hell of a Guy!
by The Answerer of Everything November 12, 2011
The ultimate man, with black hair and brown eyes, is amazing at everything he does, never loses and created the definition for winning. He is swag.
The coolest guy you know= Joseph.
by ThatGuyJoseph November 17, 2011
Joseph is a taller person who is freaking smexy, blue eyes, brown hair, Can be a computer geek at times, Loves football and baseball listens to the oldies and here and there new music, Over all a amazing guy and any girl would love to have him
Emily Who's that cutie over there?
Sarah That's Joseph, hes soo hot. :]
by Girl(s) May 30, 2011
Joseph or "Joe" a bay area slang term for marijuana
"Hey ma I'm gonna chill with joe"
"Yea we were really with joe"
"I'm so josephed!"
"Hey lets chill with joseph"
by cactusinmyhead December 22, 2007

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