Dammmmmnnn he's hot. Usually goes for brunettes. He usually tends to have light brown eyes and brown hair. Flirts a lot and is sexual. Likes to be competitive
Dang Joseph is fine as hell
Joseph is dating her
by LoveMeLoveYou May 04, 2016
A faggot. Simply, just a faggot.
"Joseph's a faggot."
by namemeaningpsychologist April 28, 2016
A dickbag.
A bag of dicks.
#joesph #joe #joey #sorry #dickbag
by JoeTannetta April 26, 2015
An all-around asshole of a guy. Plays girls all the time, usually leading on 3 or more at a time, and eventually deciding which one he likes best. Likes playing Abby's, Rachel's, Taryn's, and Lily's.
Joseph had sex with Taryn, then never called or texted her again. He did the same with Abby, Rachel, AND Lily.
#dick #asshole #player #cunt #fag
by D' Quavius June 26, 2014
A guy who is amazing and talented. He has light-brown colored contacts that he sometimes wears even though his eyes are beautiful. He's shy but nice to everyone he meets. He's handsome. He sweeps every girl of their feet. He doesn't know that there are many girls that crush on him. He wants to be in the navy. He's in NJROTC. He looks cute in his uniform.
OMG. Joseph is so cute I would do anything for him to even notice me.
#joseph #twix #joseph in pe #joseph p #cute
by unnoticedgirl March 20, 2013
likes pancakes and chocolate milk.
Joseph says 'I like chocolate milk.'
#joseph #joe #jebediah #joey #milk #jose
by nesnej101 February 15, 2012
joseph normal has brown amazing hair, and the most georgous brown eyes. he is trueley awesome and has alot of skill when it comes to blading. if you meet a joseph you are very lucky as he is a very understandable honest humanbeing. extremely hot in every way, lady magnet. committed to the very end. normal shite at cod as he gets beat off there girlfriend. josephs are exstremely fit ;) so be aware once your attacked to one you'l never want to let them go.


gotta love a joseph!
#joseph #joe #joeefishh #jo #josey
by truely blonde. June 08, 2011
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