A nice guy who is sometimes bipolar and with a touch of anger problem. But is very handsome and easy for some girls to just fall in love. He is a chick magnet with a hot body and a smile like no other. Josephs are the hottest guys on this planet and the girl that gets his heart is a lucky one.
Girl 1* hey your dating joseph right?
girl 2* yea he's the hottest guy on the planet and I'm happy he's all mine.
girl 1* I wish I had a Joseph.
by sjpzcp October 26, 2014
(v.): To brush off someone as stupid or ignorant within 10 seconds of meeting them; to naturally assume something with little or no evidence.
Dude, he totally josephed me last night.
Don't be josephing me like that.

I'm josephing you, you fat little fuck.
by Awesome bass guy June 30, 2014
bitter cold; the onset of cold weather the likes of which is rarely seen from other entities, such as Warm
Brrrr, did you feel that? It's April but Joseph is still out there...somewhere...
by The Wiff March 12, 2007
Most Josephs are classified as “slowpokes”, “slowbros”, or “slowkings”, because they tend to be arbitrarily slower than others. Now, don’t get me wrong Josephs aren't the worst guys in the world, but they do tend to boast about having large dicks when in fact they are either average or below average in size. Josephs tend to have dark colored hair and eyes, most wear glasses or contacts, they’re usually tall and skinny, but every once and a while a burly one may arise.

Although, Josephs can be conceited they can also be passionate and ambitious, but they tend to rely on others to help them reach their goals. They also have intense mindsets, but Josephs tend to speak their thoughts while still brooding. This sometimes causes them to be severely blunt and sometimes crude to others.

In closing, Josephs can be boastful, slow, and conceited, but what they lack they make up for with their generosity and passion. So, next time you meet a Joseph be patient with him, because at first he’ll seem like a jerk, but slowly and steadily he’ll turn out to be the best of friend you could ever hope to have.
"He is as slow as a Joesph" or "Wow, he is as passionate as a Joseph".
by Behind_Sapphire_Eyes January 30, 2015
A dickbag.
A bag of dicks.
by JoeTannetta April 26, 2015
A guy who is amazing and talented. He has light-brown colored contacts that he sometimes wears even though his eyes are beautiful. He's shy but nice to everyone he meets. He's handsome. He sweeps every girl of their feet. He doesn't know that there are many girls that crush on him. He wants to be in the navy. He's in NJROTC. He looks cute in his uniform.
OMG. Joseph is so cute I would do anything for him to even notice me.
by unnoticedgirl March 20, 2013
Man with shit name
• wow that joseph dude has such a shit name.
• joseph Is such a shit name
by JayIsNotAwesome March 16, 2015

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