bitter cold; the onset of cold weather the likes of which is rarely seen from other entities, such as Warm
Brrrr, did you feel that? It's April but Joseph is still out there...somewhere...
by The Wiff March 12, 2007
A nice guy who is sometimes bipolar and with a touch of anger problem. But is very handsome and easy for some girls to just fall in love. He is a chick magnet with a hot body and a smile like no other. Josephs are the hottest guys on this planet and the girl that gets his heart is a lucky one.
Girl 1* hey your dating joseph right?
girl 2* yea he's the hottest guy on the planet and I'm happy he's all mine.
girl 1* I wish I had a Joseph.
by sjpzcp October 26, 2014
Slightly gay but still lovable. Is going to come out of the closet in 5 or 6 years for sure!
Did you see that Joseph? He is so gay!
by bitchtitspussaycat June 24, 2014
An all-around asshole of a guy. Plays girls all the time, usually leading on 3 or more at a time, and eventually deciding which one he likes best. Likes playing Abby's, Rachel's, Taryn's, and Lily's.
Joseph had sex with Taryn, then never called or texted her again. He did the same with Abby, Rachel, AND Lily.
by D' Quavius June 26, 2014
He is a dick face ass loser
Joseph is such a dick face ass loser
by AndyAkiraJorma June 05, 2014
A guy who is amazing and talented. He has light-brown colored contacts that he sometimes wears even though his eyes are beautiful. He's shy but nice to everyone he meets. He's handsome. He sweeps every girl of their feet. He doesn't know that there are many girls that crush on him. He wants to be in the navy. He's in NJROTC. He looks cute in his uniform.
OMG. Joseph is so cute I would do anything for him to even notice me.
by unnoticedgirl March 20, 2013
A weak,lazy nerd that is obsessed with superheroes and soft tacos
He loves taco man. He's such a Joseph
by Loltarous August 18, 2013

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