A person who rarely sees the popular movies of the time.
Person 1: "Hey have u seen that new James Bond movie?"

Person 2: "No I don't think I will"

Person 2: "You're such a Jono!"
by ScousersFC December 16, 2008
Top Definition
Intoxicating, beautiful, hilarious and cynical, addictive and unforgettable, passionately angry, dangerously sweet, the one I'd get a tattoo for and risk being broken by.
We she heard Billy Idol's "Eyes without a face," it was so Jono.

addictive passionate gifted dangerous sexy naughtily sweet
by Pinknwhitepolo February 06, 2010
1. jono: n, one who regularly consumes drugs (legal or no) in bacchanalian quantities in lieu of social activity
2. jono: v, to smoke up in amounts or ways that lead to one of the following: a) sex, b) public embarrasment or c) arrest
3. jono: v, to draw a picture while highly intoxicated
1. J: Man, i was a full jono last nite
Q: Yeah fucken right man
2. B: I fully jonoed last nite, she was hot though
C: Who, the girl, the cop or the old lady?
B: Shut your asstrap assface
3. L: Did you see jono jono just before he jonoed? that fucken jono.
by marshall banana June 12, 2004
Raddest fucking dude ever,
Sexy man bitch
Jono is the raddest fucking dude ever
by jd September 15, 2003
An extremely small and wrinkled penis, usually attributed to an elderly Japanese businessman
Oh my god, what a disgusting jono!
by jonohater January 03, 2016
also spelled jonno, or johnno.

A Redneck - In Australia it is colloquially used as a name for the stereotypical 'Aussie bloke over the back fence'. Usually equipped with stubbies, a wife beater, some sunburn, and a beer in hand.

origin - abbreviation of a common name, usually Jonathan, John or Johnston.
Looks like that pack of jonos nextdoor are having another barbie.
by slo21 April 04, 2004
A supreme arabaian that lives in a hole
HEY!, jono go shank that nig he is mad doggin you
by HLO January 16, 2008
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