Pronounce: yooowkeeuh
A name used in Europe, especially in countrys like Belgium and the Netherlands.
Joke comes from the hebrew name joanna or johanna. It means "God/Jaweh is gracefull".
In English, it means something of someone is funny.
Dutch: my name is joke.
English: he's a joke
by Josie2be August 16, 2008
Mostly Nottingham slang. Used to define something that is funny or amusing.
I went to town today, it was joke!
Katies mums well joke!
by Sammk January 26, 2008
a completley useless person who has no value to society
brad luberda is a joke
by marge simpson September 08, 2005
Someone who is way off, way stupid
see: douchebag & john kerry
John Kerry, he isn't just a cunt, he's a motherfucking joke.
by oddfishstick July 07, 2004
A build-up plus a punch line.
Did you hear about the guy who had a suitcase full of bluebirds, bluethroats, European and American robins, nightingales, and veerys? He wound up in the doctor's office; he had quite a case of thrush.
by Korora December 03, 2003
Joke is a legal term denoting a common defense for violent criminal acts.

Joke arises from old English Common Law, when it was common to kill a man, shrug, and tell the Sheriff of Nottingham, "We were just joking and the clumsy prick fell onto that knife I left in his back."

The Sheriff was required by Common Law to flick the criminal's ear and tell him, "It's funny until someone loses an eye." In extreme cases, the Sheriff would require the criminal to go stand in the corner for fifteen minutes, after which he would chide the criminal, "It's not so funny now, is it dumbass?"
"Not fucking funny!"

~ Thomas Jefferson on jokes.
by Kodiac_1 July 02, 2006
n. An alcoholic beverage that consists of Jack Daniels and coke.
I love jokes. They're extremely tasty.

by noyce December 05, 2006

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