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John Kerry has spent a lifetime both fighting corruption and being targeted by the corrupt.

After his service in Vietnam, Kerry took a stance against the war and Richard Nixon targeted him for his Vietnam protest activities. President Nixon, (aka Tricky Dick) can be heard in taped conversations ordering that his staff to "take down the young demagogue" (aka John Kerry). The individual they chose to lead their attack dog was another Vietnam veteran. This same individual, although unsuccessful in thwarting Kerry and the Vietnam protest in 1971, reemerged during the 2004 presidential election to once again attack Kerry, this time with a lot of conservative money behind him. Sam Fox, recent recess apointment by George W. Bush, personally gave 50K to the "swifties". The trail of the swift-boating campaign was thinly veiled and led back to the GOP and even to White House "Rasputin" Karl Rove, who sent a letter thanking the "swift-boaters" for their help during the election.

Prior to his election as Lt. Governor of Massachusetts and his election to the United States Senate, John Kerry served as Assistant District Attorney where he initiated special units to fight organized crime and white-collar crime. He was one of the first victim advocates, starting programs to council rape victims and other crime victims. Kerry put a notorious local mobster behind bars and won convictions in other important cases, including one high profile rape case. "“I always had a prosecutor’s mind and a prosecutor’s bent," Kerry was quoted as saying in a New Yorker interview.

In the Senate, Kerry continued his war on corruption, taking on an investigatory role that led to the exposé of the Iran-Contra scandal, which was a particularly nasty episode in recent history. Accused drug runners, who were shipping guns to the Nicaraguan Contras, claimed they were under orders of the National Security Council. The implication was that the administration, or at least the National Security Council, turned a blind eye to the drug running. There were attempts to derail Kerry’s investigation, but the scandal was ultimately brought to light. President Reagan's military aide, Oliver North was tried on sixteen felony counts, convicted on three and later had all charges dismissed by the Supreme Court. Today he is a conservative commentator on Fox News. The Assistant Secretary of State for Latin America, Elliott Abrams, pleaded guilty to a felony for lying about foreign funding for the Contras. He was later pardoned by the George Bush Sr. and was appointed by George W. Bush in 2005 as National Security Advisor for Global Democracy Strategy.

During the Iran-Contra investigation, Kerry pursued the financing for the South American drug cartels and the investigation led to the Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI), a powerful, international institution that was eventually exposed as a front for drug running, money laundering and terrorism. Kerry faced strong opposition from the Reagan and Bush administrations and also from powerful members of his own party who did not want him to pursue his investigation. The covert goal of the BCCI was to finance the destruction of Western influence and as part of its goal financed numerous Muslim terrorist organizations. There were alleged CIA connections and a vast web of BCCI corruption that may not be entirely known for generations. Kerry probed further and delved into the connection between drug trafficking and terrorism. In "The New War, the Web of Crime that Threatens America's Security", which Kerry wrote in 1997, he warned of the increasing threat from terrorists.

While Kerry did not win the presidency in 2004, he remains in the Senate, fighting with even more vigor, the corruption that has our country in a stranglehold. And the attacks on him continue as one might expect.

John Kerry is one tough hombre who fights for the honor of America and the American people.

"Truth is the American bottom line." - Senator John Kerry 2006
by DK Sett May 06, 2007
Just another stupid Democratic tyrant that claims he'll bring change, but never states whether the change is good or bad.
John Kerry is another communist that goes against American ideals, and wipes his ass with the Constitution.
by Colin H. Christ July 10, 2008
1) v. to waffle or equivocate
2) n. an action of such
3) n. a person who does this, for instance, Wembley would be the John Kerry of fraggles.
1) Husband: Hmmmm... Heinz Ketchup...or Hunts Catsup...ketchup...catsup...ketch...
Wife: Quit john kerrying and pick a damn condiment already!
2) Brett was so convinced that Lacey was the one, but then pulled a john kerry and ran to Heather.
by your dog March 31, 2008
very inconsistent with everything.
He's just a John-Kerry type of guy... never ever getting shit done.
by klondike bar April 25, 2006
Looks like Lerch from the Adams Family and is the ugliest politican ever, next to Ed Kennedy. Both from the same city, ironically. "I actually voted for the $87 billion dollar funding for the war in Iraq before I voted against it." What was that? You either support it or you dont, moron!! No wonder you lost the '04 election. You are wishy-washy!!
John Kerry is nothing but a wishy-washy, liberal, washed-up career politician who will tell you ANYTHING to get elected. What a clown. Loser!
by krock1dk October 06, 2007
A man who has been fighting for truth for over 35 years. He is a patriot and a great American. John Kerry is a hero to many in this country but this isn't widely publicized by the media. Senator Kerry has become a grassroots hero since the election in 2004 because he has continued to fight for American civil liberty and integrity in government.

John Kerry has never been afraid to speak truth to power.
by Loretta R February 07, 2007
US Senator from Massachusettes and just another elite New England liberal. He fortunately had a failed campaign in the Presidential election of 2004, in which he lost to incumbant George W. Bush. He looks like Lurch from the Adams Family. He is credited for flip-flopping on the issues, "I actually voted for the $87-billion funding for the war in Iraq--before I voted against it."
John Kerry is just another New England, elite liberal--just like his buddy Teddy Kennedy.
by krock1dk August 21, 2008
A moderate Democratic Senator, different ranking methods rate him between the 12th and 22nd most liberal Senator, he is in the center of the Democratic Party. Voted for the Iraq War. During the Democratic primary most people said they voted for him for no other reason than him being "electable". In exit polls 80% of the people who voted for Kerry said they were going on what they had seen on TV, 20% had actually researched all of the candidates. It was the opposite for Dean, 80% of the people who had voted for Howard Dean had researched all of the candidates. He was not a "flip-flopper", he never changed his mind on an issue, but on many issues he was deliberately vague. Contrary to Republican propaganda he did have one consistent position on Iraq.

Even though Kerry was such a poor candidate, Bush won with the smallest margin of victory for a sitting president in U.S. history. Bush received 2.5% more than Kerry; the closest previous margin won by a sitting President was 3.2% for Woodrow Wilson in 1916.
I'm sick of the Democratic Party nominating conservative Democrats, it's time to have a real liberal like Dennis Kucinich run for President. I will admit that Kerry was slightly better than Clinton or Gore.
by juan gomez June 16, 2005