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cool little yellow slugs that can meditate on sweatshirts.
DUDE!!! She has a banana slug sweatshirt. It's like so totally meditating. I must have one now!!! *steals*
by colorguardhobbit October 09, 2004
The best place to look at pretty pictures drawn by normal people.
Go to www.elfwood.com NOW!!!
by colorguardhobbit September 29, 2004
a term that my friend seatide and I use to be random dorks.
Seatide: doot doot?
Me: doot doot doot doot doot
by colorguardhobbit September 29, 2004
a conceding quitter, You should stick with it to the end TO THE END!!!
We almost got rid of Bush but John Kerry's quitter
by colorguardhobbit November 03, 2004

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