The act of of cumming on your partner's back during sexual intercourse, then signing it with a sharpie.
Last night I gave Jane the ol' John Hancock.
by Nav23 March 30, 2011
Top Definition
A signature. Derives from John Hancock's signature, which was written in large letters, on the Declaration of Independence.
Could you please put your John Hancock on this form so that I can turn it in?
by rieux November 29, 2003
(n.) American shipping magnate and possible smuggler who became famous for his role in the American Revolution. He served as President of the Second Continental Congress, was famously a signatory to the Declaration of Independence, and later became the first post colonial governor of Massachusetts. In addition to these accomplishments, Hancock was a prolific author on the subject of masturbation. He wrote several authoritative treatises on the matter (several of which were banned on the orders of George Washington), and famously challenged the widely-held opinion of his fellow Founding Father, Dr. Benjamin Rush, that masturbation caused blindness and hairy palms.
John Hancock was one of America's most illustrious founding fathers and early sex educators.
by Dylan *@*@DaShizz@*@* July 29, 2009
One's singnature(John Hancock was the first to sign the Declaration of Independence.)
All checks must have your John Hancock to prove that you wrote them.
by Light Joker May 21, 2005
One shizza guy. He signed the Decleration of Independence first. He totally owned the other founding fathers.
If I live in the 1700's I would so go clubbing with John Hancock.
by Shizzlator June 08, 2005
When a man sticks his penis in ink and swipes it on another person's face.
After i sign this document, can I give you my John Hancock?
by Wccpubman February 08, 2011
When a man is about to ejaculate during sexual intercourse, he pulls out, and shoots his semen on the belly of his partner. He then dips his pinkie in the "ink well" (his partner's belly button) and signs his name. For additional flair the man may extend the fingers on his signing hand to simulate the feather on a quill.
"He gave her his John Hancock. He even dotted his I's and crossed his T's."
by JackKirgen August 29, 2011
The act of dipping one's penis in ink or paint and then slapping someone in the face with the inked/painted penis and leaving one's mark.
Jason: Haha, look at Joey.
Brendan: I know, Derek gave him a nice John Hancock last night.
by It's Poop Again August 09, 2011

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